Meet: Darla Monzon

She was looking for a "better way" to cook that would save money and make life easier & healthier... and she cut their food budget in half the very first month... from $1000/mo down to $500/mo! Now she spends less time in the kitchen, is feeling better, and her husband loves the food!

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About Wardee and Traditional Cooking School

Hi, I'm Wardee. I'm a wife, mom, grandma, and traditional cook in the Boise area of Idaho.

I help Christian moms who know they should cook healthy for their family but don't know what to try or where to start... who don't want to spend hours in the kitchen and want their food to still taste great... like I was.

When I was a young mom with three children, we all had issues like food sensitivities and seasonal allergies, but it was especially bad with our third child, our son. He broke out in itchy red rashes all over his body within hours of birth.

The pediatrician gave us a steroid cream but I didn't want to use that because of side effects. I got rid of all the grocery store cleaners, soaps, and lotions and replaced them with natural ones. That helped a little but still his rashes got worse and he itched so much the rashes bled. I felt like I was letting him and my family down... what was I doing wrong?

Then I learned about some old-fashioned cooking techniques (same ones the Bible mentions). They took less time and weren't as hard as I thought they might be.

We still ate the family favorites we loved, like bread and butter, meat and potatoes, cinnamon rolls and cookies... just healthier!

The best part... within a few months, our son's rashes went away completely.

It's been nearly 20 years now and my seasonal allergies are all cleared up, too, and the kids never got another ear or sinus infection. We rarely get colds or other illnesses. We have plenty of energy and our weight is stable, too. 

Would you or anyone you know like to learn more about cooking this way?

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-Wardee Harmon