Attention: Busy Christian Families

How To Cook More Healthy Food In Less Time... With Batch Cooking And Traditional Foods!

Less time standing in the kitchen!

"It was great. Loved it through and through. Less time standing in the kitchen." —Monica N.

Dear Busy Home Cook,

Sometimes it can feel like you're in the kitchen all. day. long.

Especially when you're committed to cooking healthy foods for your family!

And that's exactly why so many families don't keep it up... they cook healthy for awhile but then they can't keep it up any more, so they stop and resort to packaged foods and eating out or skipping meals.

I get it, I do.

By the way, I'm Wardee, the lead teacher and owner of Traditional Cooking School.

And this might surprise you, but in order to keep things running at our busy online cooking school, I actually spend more time at my desk than I do in the kitchen.

Yes, it's true... even though I work from home and we make a living teaching healthy cooking, I am not cooking all day. :)

Yet, our family still eats very healthy and pretty much 100% from scratch using healthy Traditional Cooking methods like sourdough, old-fashioned pickling, and culturing dairy (our homemade yogurt is the BEST).

How is this possible?

Well, for two reasons...

Traditional Cooking Saves You Time

First of all, Traditional Cooking itself — the kind of cooking we do — is a time saver because certain of these techniques SAVE you time when it's time to cook.

Like soaking, for instance. Soaking rice means the cooking time is cut in half.

And, Traditional Foods "cook" themselves as they culture, soak, sprout, sourdough, etc. You're just facilitating stages.

However, it still takes 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there, 2 minutes again later, to move things along.

Which can really add up!

And it also takes planning and doing things ahead of time for you to have them ready when needed.

Batch Cooking Makes It Sustainable!

Which brings me to the second reason I don't have to spend all day in the kitchen... it's this little thing I call Batch Cooking... maybe you've heard of it. ;)

Batch Cooking is what helps Traditional Cooking go up another level in efficiency and productivity!

You see, with Batch Cooking, you can be smarter with your time and produce more healthy food in the same or less time...

...AND still have healthy, great-tasting food to eat all the time.

No more sacrificing on healthy choices because you've run out of time or energy.

No more take out because you don't have a clue what to fix and nothing is prepped anyway.

My style of Batch Cooking (with Traditional Cooking) works so well for big and small busy families...

...because you have all kinds of foods pre-cooked or prepped to throw together 30 minute meals (or less) or quick snacks and breakfasts.

So, there you have it: Batch Cooking with Traditional Cooking methods is what allows me to work all day and yet still put healthy meals on the table every day consistently in not very much time.

We hardly ever eat out and we don't buy packaged foods, either. We don't need to or want to.

And by the end of this page, you'll understand exactly how my Batch Cooking methods can help you do this, too.

Sorry, But You Do Have To Cook... ;)

If you're wondering when you can find the time for Batch Cooking, keep in mind I'm assuming that you are already cooking... or at least committed to cooking.

Because it does need *some* time... sorry. ;)

However, what I can promise is that you will prep and pre-cook your healthy food in less time than you do now ...or you'll spend the same amount of time and get MORE healthy food out of it.

2 Ways To Batch Cook

Just so you know, there are 2 ways to Batch Cook...

1) to prep full meals or

2) to do bigger batches of whatever food components you want to use in meals.

My focus is the mostly the second... doing bigger batches of Traditional Foods efficiently, whether that's pancakes, waffles, bread, pre-cooked meats, ferments, dairy such as yogurt or butter or cheese, salad ingredients, fruit sauces, seasoning mixes, broth, snacks, Kombucha, chili, spaghetti sauce, soups/stews, and more!

Which allows us to get future meals and snacks on the table more efficiently and consistently as well as get ahead when we're in the kitchen already.

I'll show you what I do in our home so you'll be getting ahead, too... without feeling like you're spending extra time in the kitchen!

More healthy food in less time. :)

And... if you batch cook consistently (when you're in the kitchen cooking already)... will always be ahead ...and therefore find your meals easier and faster to serve.

And you will find that Traditional Cooking becomes sustainable and doable on a daily basis... instead of overwhelming!

If any or all of this sounds helpful to you, then I invite you to keep reading to find out how you can learn more about my Batch Cooking methods...

When To Batch Cook?

First I want to address the question of time.

Many people wonder if they can Batch Cook if they're really busy.

The answer is: Yes.

Because you do it when you're cooking already and/or you devote a few extra hours during your free time to work ahead.

I do a little of both... throughout the week, when I'm working and have less cooking time, I still Batch Cook when I'm cooking already. Why not get a little bit more food output from the same amount of time?

Then on the weekends, I will devote extra time to Batch Cooking, doing more involved cooking tasks so we can benefit from them in the week or months to come.

So if all this sounds good to you... then keep reading, because I'm going to show you how to use my healthy and easy Batch Cooking methods in your kitchen.

I have so many things in the freezer to pull out and throw together!

"I love that I have so many things in the freezer now that I can just pull out and throw together to make a full meal. I'm a full-time working mom, so this has been such a blessing!" —Lisa K.

Faster Than Takeout

We've discussed already how many families start making compromises (eating out or packaged foods) when they don't have food ready to eat or haven't thought ahead.

Well, I'd like to suggest that Batch Cooking can make putting meals on the table even faster than takeout ...and I have proof. :)

To celebrate our daughter Naomi's 22nd birthday one year, we ordered hamburgers from our favorite place. They took an hour and 15 minutes to arrive (free delivery). Even if we had driven to pick up our order, it would have taken the same amount of time due to wait time and traffic.

Yet... with thawed ground beef and already prepped toppings and pre-made sourdough flatbreads... I could have served homemade hamburgers in less than 30 minutes.

So even though it's fun to eat out now and then for a celebration... opinion is, when you're Batch Cooking regularly, it's way easier to eat at home because you can whip up healthy meals in less time than it takes to order out!

Batch Cooking Makes Healthy Cooking Sustainable

I've been cooking Traditional Foods for over 10 years and most of that time, doing it with Batch Cooking. Otherwise, I couldn't keep up and that's the honest truth.

When I realized that our students were struggling to be more efficient with their Traditional Cooking, I decided to teach a live class on Batch Cooking...

...because it seemed obvious that Batch Cooking would help them keep up, too, just like it does for me.

Personally, I think Batch Cooking is the next most important thing to learning Traditional Cooking.

While Traditional Cooking is healing and God-honoring and arguably the healthiest, most delicious way to eat...

...add Batch Cooking to the equation and now Traditional Cooking becomes sustainable...

...because it helps you save time while being more efficient and consistent.

So then I announced that I would be teaching a class on Batch Cooking, and just like with our other popular Traditional Cooking School classes... hundreds of students signed up for it.

Helped me find a routine for the things I'm learning

"This was such a practical course. Helped me to continue and find a routine for the fun things I've been learning. Thank you!" —Kathie N.

Here's What I Taught...

First... my focus in batch cooking is to do bigger batches of whatever food components we use often in meals... and occasionally, to pre-make meals. I find this more intuitive and easier to fit in to a busy life.

Second... I showed how to do big batches of these foods efficiently, whether that's pancakes, waffles, bread, pre-cooked meats, ferments, dairy such as yogurt or butter or cheese, salad ingredients, fruit sauces, seasoning mixes, broth, snacks, Kombucha, chili, spaghetti sauce, soups/stews, and more!

And third... I also showed how to store what's been cooked ahead and more importantly *how to use the foods* for *quicker* and *easier* meals and snacks every day!

If you adopt (or adapt!) my methods like my other students have, you'll be getting ahead, too.. without feeling like you're spending extra time in the kitchen!

Again... more healthy food in less time. :-)

And... if you batch cook consistently (when you're in the kitchen cooking already), you will always be ahead ...and therefore find your meals easier and faster to serve.

By the way... for anyone who is dairy-free or gluten-free or other-free, this doesn't matter. We cover so much that tons of it will apply to you.

If not the actual foods, then the techniques and tips that will apply to whatever foods *you* love to eat regularly.

So I hope this helps those of you wondering what foods we are covering... the bottom line is: any and all of them.

The Best Of The Batch Cooking Class In An On-Demand eBook

The class was a huge success!

So we decided to compile all of the wisdom, tips, advice and fun of our Batch Cooking live class into an on-demand online eBook, and offer it to you at a deeply discounted price.

It’s a 91-page, 9-lesson eCookbook adventure guide along with 5 master class videos... and a bonus recipe eBooklet "Hello, Einkorn!" featuring our favorite ancient wheat, einkorn.

The eCookbook is unique because it focuses on the Traditional Cooking School principles of eating and cooking GNOWFGLINS (God's Natural, Organic, Whole Foods, Grown Locally, In season) yet with adaptations to help you Batch Cooking efficiently and on the scale that works best for your family, whether big or small.

Your Batch Cooking Adventure Awaits…

The Batch Cooking eBook will give you the skills and recipes you need to make more healthy food in less time.

If you’re ready to embark on this journey because so far healthy cooking is taking way too much of your time or your family doesn't love the results, then you'll love what I'm about to show you...

  • Storage containers — I'll share the storage containers we most often use. However, don't run out and buy everything right away. Instead, I recommend using what you’ve got and exploring Batch Cooking to see what containers you find most useful, and then invest when you’re sure about what you need.
  • Where to store your storage containers — You have to be just a little bit organized to have storage containers easily accessible for all the beautiful Batch Cooked foods you'll make! I'll share how we do it as inspiration for what you might do in your home.
  • Already washed and prepped fruits and veggies — I'll show you how to get most of your fruits and veggies washed and prepped (the right way) when you bring them home from the grocery store so they’re readier-to-go when you need them.
  • Pre-made fruit sauces — How to make larger quantities of quick sauces, some to eat immediately and more stored in the freezer for later! Featuring our family's favorite Easy Raw Applesauce.
  • More fruit and veggie batching and storage tips — If you follow the tips I share consistently, you’ll have fruits and veggies ready to throw together for quick salads, soups, side dishes, main dishes, snacks and more!
  • Easy salads, pre-chopped veggies, and more veggie tips — No more meals where you don't have time to serve a salad or veggie side dish, because with these tips, you can easily toss something together!
  • Dressings, sauce, and mixes — Hate turning to or paying for the pre-made seasoning mixes full of unpronounceable ingredients? Or having to measure out multiple dry ingredients separately over and over for your favorite recipes? Now you can make your own dry or wet mixes and measure just once ... not only do they save time and money, but they’re also healthier and tastier! I'll show you Ranch dressing, taco seasoning, chili seasoning, sage sausage seasoning, and more!
  • Healthy Batch-Cooked dairy — High in protein and healthy fat, probiotic if it’s raw or cultured, and oh-so-delicious, dairy is definitely a staple in many Traditional Food households. Yet, we often run out, don’t have enough, or don’t get it culturing in time — leaving us turning to not-so- healthy store-bought items that break the food budget. :-( Wouldn’t it be better to have a healthy assortment of homemade dairy available for easy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts? I'll show you cottage cheese for salads, butter for all your cooking and baking (and spreading on toast!), yogurt for yogurt bowls and smoothies, pre-shredded cheese for quick dinners ... just to name a few!
  • My family's cultured dairy routine — I outline how much milk and cream I buy each week and what I do with it (yogurt, butter, cheese, and more)... to inspire a quick and healthy routine that will work for YOUR family!
  • Grains and beans — Properly soaked and cooked beans and grains are a staple of a Traditional Food diet, yet making them this way often gets skipped (or at least just the soaking) because we fail to plan ahead. Batch cooking to the rescue! I'll show you how to make once and eat thrice!
  • Pre-Soaked Oats — Making a big batch of pre-soaked oats will be a huge time saver for you! Use these as add-in oats for sprouted flour recipes such as cookies, quick breads or muffins; for a quick cold cereal ... add toppings, sweetener, and milk of choice; or “instant” oatmeal that’s been pre-soaked! Too often, pre-soaked oats are rock hard and glued together... not the recipe I will teach you!
  • A month's worth of bread in one day — It’s so easy to resort to store-bought bread when you haven’t learned or don’t have time to bake bread — or if you don’t have a source for healthy bread. Now you can bake a month's worth of healthy breads for your family in one day using the methods (and recipes) I'll show you!
  • Sourdough recipes for sandwich bread, dinner rolls, waffles, pancakes, English muffins, and more — We most often use sourdough for our baked goods, yet you can use my Batch Cooking bread methods for YOUR family's favorite bread recipes... whether soaked, sprouted, gluten-free, keto, or other breads!
  • Pre-cooked main dish meats — If you've only got 30 minutes to fix dinner, no problem! Just pull out your Make-Ahead Meatballs or Roast, Pre-Cooked Chicken, or any of the other main dish meats I'll teach you to scale up and freeze properly for use later.
  • Parting whole chickens — Buying pastured chickens parts can be expensive! So I'll teach you to buy the whole chickens, cut them up into parts, and get several meals out of them. 
  • Broth — You think it would be nice to make big batches of broth ahead of time, but fridge space is at a premium? No worries... you will love the space-saving, healthy broth I'll teach you to make!
  • 30-minute main dishes — Need to get dinner on the table fast? You can whip up such easy dinners in 30 minutes or less when you have pre-cooked and prepped ingredients on hand... and put them together with my "Skillet Dish" formula. Endless variety, delicious flavor, and everybody loves them!
  • Breakfasts and snacks — The sad fact is, when someone is running late, breakfasts and snacks are often the first to go. Not your family, though... because I'm going to show you quick breakfast and snack ideas you can make ahead or batch up... for three healthy square meals (and then some) every day!
  • Non-dairy milks — When you have to make non-dairy milk, it can be a chore you feel like you're doing way too often! So I came up with a batching method where you make more (so your efforts last longer) and it's CHILLED and ready to drink right then and there! (no waiting)
  • Soaked granola, yogurt cups, "Instant Cereal", and make-ahead bacon and egg cups — more quick breakfasts ready to go for your busiest mornings!
  • Batch fermenting — use my Batch "Fermenting" methods to save time and scale up whatever you're fermenting... whether Kombucha, fermented beverage, sauerkraut, relishes, pickles, and more!
  • How to store fruits, veggies, dairy, grains, beans, meats, broth, ferments... whatever you're batching, I'll show you the best options for storage, whether pantry, fridge, or freezer... and how best to use (including thawing).

Breakfast already prepared...

"I'm doing better with having breakfast already prepared. that's my hardest meal of the day" —Nikki K.

Bake A Month's Worth Of Bread In 1 Day?

It’s so easy to resort to store-bought bread when you haven’t learned or don’t have time to bake bread ...or if you don’t have a source for healthy bread.

Whether that's sourdough, gluten-free, keto, or whatever kind of bread you love to eat.

In my chats with Christian families, I know turning to store-bought bugs many... on several levels!

First, buying store-bought bread often costs more money than homemade bread.

Second, you might feel like you’re sacrificing nutritional quality.

And finally, you might feel guilty, like you're letting God and your family down by serving bread that’s not as healthy or frugal as homemade.

Well... what would you say if I told you that you can bake a month’s worth of healthy bread for your family in one baking day?

Yes, just one day! And you won’t even be baking the whole day!

That’s what we do on a regular basis... I set aside one day a month and bake triple or quadruple batches of our favorite sourdough breads (or other baked goods).

From that one day, I can fill up our freezer with sandwich bread, English muffins, and other baked goods such as flatbreads, pizza crusts, or waffles… and it feeds us for a month or more!

Dare I say this is more convenient that a trip to the store?

If not that, it’s definitely healthier! That alone is a reason to do it.

If you think this might be helpful, I share how to do a bread baking day in the Batch Cooking eBook.

Just so you know, most of the recipes I share in the book are sourdough. However, feel free to apply the same principles to your favorite soaked, sprouted, gluten-free, keto, or other breads!

For instance, our second daughter, who eats keto most of the time, also does this for herself in one afternoon... she bakes a month's worth of her keto breads and puts them in the freezer for easy toasting whenever she needs one.

It's a huge time saver for her and I love that she takes responsibility for her own bread needs :-)

Here's what you'll get in the Batch Cooking 'breads' chapter:

  • Getting Ready for Sourdough Baking Day you have everything you need ready and the day is a success instead of failure
  • Triple Batch of Sourdough Bread ...and Dinner Rolls
  • Triple Batch of Sourdough English Muffins
  • Triple Batch of Sourdough Waffles
  • plus more ideas and storage info, too!

If this sounds helpful to you, then I think you should pick up a copy of our Batch Cooking eBook using the special offer I've created just for you...

A Special Offer For You

For a limited time, I've created a special offer for Christian families who are tired of spending too much time in the kitchen... who want to make more healthy food in less time.

How much would it be worth to you to save time in the kitchen... to spend more time on date night, more time hanging out with your kids and grandkids, or on your own hobbies?

And what if cooking more efficiently now allows you to cook more healthfully... so now, not only are you in the kitchen less, the quality of your food goes up, too?

All of a sudden you're saving on doctor visits, you and your family are sick less often, and you've got more energy to spend on those hobbies or with your spouse!

Even though I can't find any courses on Batch Cooking topic in particular, I've priced out other college Traditional Cooking courses (which don't cover nearly as much as we do) and they'll run you about $1000 each...

In contrast, our Batch Cooking eBook covers 9 topics — I'm showing you how to Batch Cook and prepare-ahead all the food groups and recipe types (dairy, breads, grains, beans, meats, snacks, desserts, fruits, veggies, condiments, and more), plus how to store your prepped-ahead-of-time foods, and how to create easy 30-min or less delicious meals and snacks from it all... and more!

You can watch the 5 videos demonstrations over and over again, and everything is documented in the printable tutorials so you can refer to the recipes and information long into the future.

The bottom line is: What I’m offering you is much more comprehensive than a single lesson. And it costs a fraction of what you’d pay to learn each topic, one at a time. Plus, it gives you plenty of detail to get you started on the right path.

So how does it work? The Batch Cooking eBook comes as an immediate PDF download. Plus we include a FREE softcover textbook... so you can refer to your lessons and recipes even offline!

5 Master Class Video To Help You Get Started Fast

Healthy cooking with whole foods, whether or not you use Traditional Cooking methods like sourdough, can be so time consuming. It can easily take over your life to the point where you feel like you're spending all day in the kitchen.

And obviously, I feel that Batch Cooking can help you be more efficient with your time... helping you make more healthy food in less time.

Which is why I want to give you a set of 5 Master Class Videos that reveal some of my best tips and tricks for Batch Cooking. This will help you get more efficient faster.

Here are the 5 videos you’ll get when you order the Batch Cooking eBook:

  • Video: Intro to Batch Cooking: Strategies, Tips and Tools — The whole scoop on how to get started with Batch Cooking — Why batch cook and what is it really? Can it work for your family? What if you’re following a special diet or just cooking for 1 or 2? What tools, equipment, and storage space do you need? How much time does it take?
  • Video: Easy Raw Applesauce — Our family favorite super-easy applesauce, some to eat immediately and more stored in the freezer for later! If you do this consistently with fruits and veggies, they'll be ready to throw together for quick salads, soups, side dishes, main dishes, snacks, and more!
  • Video: Seasoning Mixes: Taco, Chili and Sage Sausage — Hate turning to or paying for the pre-made seasoning mixes full of unpronounceable ingredients? Or having to measure out multiple dry ingredients separately over and over for your favorite recipes? Now you can make your own mixes and measure just once… not only saving time and money, they’re healthier and tastier, too!
  • Video: Make-Ahead Roast — In this video, we’re pre-cooking delicious main dish meats so you’ll have a stocked freezer for quick meals!
  • Video: Non-Dairy Milks — When you have to make non-dairy milk, it can be a chore you feel like you’re doing way too often! That’s why I came up with the batching method I show you in this video... not only do you get more from the same amount of time, it's CHILLED and ready to drink (instead of you waiting on warm milk to get chilled).

The retail value for this absolutely huge free gift collection is $37. But the confidence you’ll get from seeing how easy it is to still eat healthy yet save time through Batch Cooking... priceless.

FREE BONUS Softcover Print Cookbook
"Batch Cooking"

I'll also throw in a FREE spiral-bound, lay-flat, full-color printed version of the Batch Cooking Cookbook (aka "textbook")!

Because when the internet is out or you just plain don't feel like getting on the computer... you'll still be able to follow along with the lessons and recipes conveniently on your kitchen counter.... no computer or internet required!

This Batch Cooking print cookbook is completely free (even free shipping in the U.S.) with your purchase of the Batch Cooking eBook! (Retail value: $80)

Your Investment Is 100% Guaranteed

I am so sure that you will love the Batch Cooking eBook that I’m offering you a 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If for any reason, you decide that saving time and energy making healthy foods is not for you then please return it and I will refund your investment, less any shipping and fulfillment costs.

Imagine: You Have Free Time!

It is totally possible to cook more healthy food in less time!

And if you’ve read this far, I know you believe it and want it, too.

Are your reasons similar to my own?

I want to be the wife and mom that serves three healthy meals a day so our family eats healthy and saves money over buying packaged foods or eating out. Yet, I can't spend all day in the kitchen.

I have our business to run and I also want to spend time with my husband and children, do other household chores, and to just plain old rest and have "me" time for reading, walking, praying, etc... because being stressed out and working too hard really takes its toll and there's only so long a body can do that!

Is this a tall order? Yes, it is.

Yet it's truly possible when you combine my Batch Cooking methods with the healthiest cooking of all (Traditional Cooking).

In the next 5 minutes, you will be able to watch the first Batch Cooking Master Class Video. And by your next meal, you could be putting extra aside in the freezer for later!

Cooking is never more fulfilling than when you know you've done the most with your time!

So let's get started...

Here's What To Do Now:

Your own time-saving Batch Cooking adventure, without sacrificing healthy whole food cooking, starts with 3 easy steps:

1) Download your Batch Cooking eCookbook.

2) Watch Batch Cooking Master Class Video: “Intro to Batch Cooking: Strategies, Tips and Tools”, and

3) Start batching cooking the way I'll show you... always healthy but more efficient!

The only remaining question is: "What are you going to do with all your extra free time?” :-)

Hopefully you'll spend it on yourself or with someone you love.<3

Here’s that Buy Now button again:

God bless you and your family,

–Wardee Harmon

Traditional Cooking School Lead Teacher

P.S. One more tip: The basic key to Batch Cooking? Whatever you're making, make more of it. It will save you time the next time you're cooking... because it'll be ready to go!

Click the orange button below to start making more healthy food in less time with Batch Cooking. I'll see you inside shortly!

Got A Question?

Here are the most common questions and answers about the Batch Cooking eBook. If you have any other questions, click the chat bubble on this page and we'll answer right away!

Can I batch cook if I'm cooking for 1 or 2?

It doesn't matter if you're cooking for 1 or 2 ... or 10... my Batch Cooking methods can help anyone who is already cooking save time and increase efficiency.

Because... it's just a matter of scaling up in the right amount for YOU so it saves YOU time in the kitchen for what YOU need to cook and prepare.

Is it too late to improve my family's health?

No. It’s never too late to start feeling better. Why? Parents often sacrifice their own needs. And as the years go by, their health gradually declines. I want parents of any age to be able to feel better, starting today... as well as their children and grandchildren to get started on the right foot! The only time that's "too late" is "never".

How much work is involved in this eBook?

There’s some work involved in the lessons of this eBook. But I can honestly say, it’s some of the funnest work I’ve done. The cooking techniques are simple. And the recipes are mostly “mix and go.” It’s easy. And the results are amazingly effective.

Is the Batch Cooking eBook taught as a live class?

No. This is the companion eBook to our online eCourse. The videos you get are pre-recorded, so you don’t have to show up anywhere, at a specific day or time. The eBook is ready for you to download immediately after purchase.

Is there a printed or hard-copy version of this eBook?

Yes! When you purchase the PDF eBook, we're including a spiral-bound, lay-flat, full-color textbook completely free. It's an $80 value and you even get free shipping in the U.S.

What if I decide I don't like it?

No worries. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Just contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we'll be happy to refund your investment, less any shipping and fulfillment costs.

Is religion a huge theme in this eBook?

We focus on the techniques of preparing real foods using traditional methods that preserve or enhance the nutritional value of the original ingredients.

There is a heavy emphasis on answering the “how” questions. However, there is always a reason for “why” we do things, and it is this “why” that is often more important than the “how.”

Our philosophy: At Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS, we believe that God is our creator and the source of all things good. God is the “why” for all that we do, including the way we cultivate, harvest, prepare and eat foods. That’s why we share our love for God and explain how we can see God’s design in our food.

This resonates with most of our students, though some participate solely for the techniques. We are happy to help you either way.