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Learn How to Bake with the Healthier Ancient Wheat... Einkorn!

Civilization’s first wheat… now updated for your modern kitchen. Finally, you can make beautiful, light-tasting breads, cakes, and down-home family meals… without blood sugar spikes, mineral deficiencies, gluten troubles, or that heavy “health food” taste.

Easiest and most comprehensive by far!

"I must say I used Einkorn recipes from other cookbooks and Wardee's was the easiest and most comprehensive so far. The videos are a perfect complement to the recipes." ~Bob T., New York

Dear Traditional Cook,

If you’ve been eating breads baked from whole grain flours, you’ve probably noticed there are some sacrifices you make when baking with ancient, low-gluten grains.

Maybe your breads, muffins, and cookies are heavy, don’t rise quite right, or have that slightly off-putting “healthy” flavor.

Maybe you’ve had trouble getting your kids or spouse to embrace healthy eating because the foods “look weird”.

And maybe there are times when you’ve give your right arm for just one light, luscious, moist bite of chocolate cake covered with oozy-gooey frosting.

Have You Ever Wondered If That's Just The Price You Pay For Eating A Traditional Foods Diet In These Modern Times?

Over the years of cooking and feeding my family a traditional foods diet, I’ve wondered the same thing. I wanted to eat right, but boy, did I miss those delicious baked goods!

I started wondering:

What if there was a healthy grain that was easy on your tummy, light tasting, and had that beautiful look of breads baked with modern wheat?

So, I tried something new.

And what happened next changed everything about how I bake forever…

How A 5,000-Year-Old Grain Found A New Home In A Modern Kitchen

Hi, My name is Wardee Harmon.

I’m the author of the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods. I am also the lead teacher for Traditional Cooking School.

It’s an online cooking school I created to honor my grandmother’s cooking traditions and preserve them so that future generations can enjoy the health benefits, flavors and fun of traditionally prepared foods.

Now back to my story...

In the last few years, I decided to start experimenting with einkorn.

What’s einkorn? Einkorn is civilization’s first wheat. It was grown by farmers 5,000 years ago. And it has quickly found a permanent home in my family’s kitchen.


Because it has a gentler, older form of gluten that is closest to what God originally intended for us to eat. Most people digest it better than modern wheat. And many people find that it doesn’t trigger their seasonal allergies like modern wheat can.

The Overwhelming Evidence For Giving Einkorn A Try

There are some other great things about einkorn, too:

  • Einkorn’s starch goes into your blood more slowly, so it won’t spike your blood sugar like other grains.
  • It contains half the phytic acid of modern wheat. That means it won’t block mineral absorption in your body or cause mineral deficiencies. (And when you soak, sprout or sour your dough, phytic acid is reduced even more, so you’re way ahead of the game in eliminating mineral deficiencies.)
  • Einkorn contains the oldest (and gentler) form of gluten. So you get beautiful loaves without the tummy troubles of modern wheat.
  • It is a “hulled” wheat, that makes it ideal for growing organically. That means you don’t have to worry about stray chemical contamination and insects.

Well, that was more than enough to get me interested in baking with einkorn so I gave it a whirl. Literally.

I Put It All In A Blender And Gave It A Whirl

And while I was excited about helping my family enjoy the health benefits of fresh-ground flour, my biggest joy came from feeling more connected to my family heritage.

This is where my grandmother comes into the story:

I grew up hearing my Dad’s stories about my Tata Wardeh. (She’s his mother and my grandmother.)

In their village in Israel, all the families shared a common mill, and each mother would go there to mill enough whole wheat flour to bake pocket bread for the week.

So when I milled my own flour —even though it wasn’t on the village stone mill — I felt connected to how things used to be and oh-so-excited to bring that experience into our modern-day family.

And we haven’t looked back! It’s been more than 10 years now that our family has enjoyed baked goods from fresh-ground whole grains.

Today, our grain of choice is einkorn.

It’s been a few years since we switched to exclusively baking with einkorn, and we’ve never been happier.

(And honestly, I love getting compliments from friends and family who never would have tried my baked goods in the past.)

What Happened Next?

Once I proved to myself that einkorn was a sustainable, healthy, beautiful way to bake, I decided to teach a live class called: Einkorn Baking.

Like my other popular Traditional Cooking School classes, dozens of students signed up to attend the live on-line classes.

Together, my daughter Haniya and I worked out the best ways to teach things like:

  • Working with einkorn’s unique quirks
  • How to update recipes for einkorn flour
  • How to sprout, mill, sift, and store einkorn
  • How to make an einkorn sourdough starter
  • How to make einkorn breakfasts, main dishes, snacks & desserts, and the best part…
  • How to make beautiful, artisan einkorn breads.

The Best Of The Einkorn Baking Class In An Easy, On-Demand eBook

The class was a huge success.

So I decided to compile all of the wisdom, tips, advice and fun of our Einkorn Baking live class into an on-demand online eBook, and offer it to you at a deeply discounted price. It’s a 61-page, 10-lesson eCookbook adventure guide along with 5 video master class.

The eCookbook is unique because it focuses on the 5 Traditional Cooking School principles of baking with einkorn…

Every recipe and technique has to help you bake breads, muffins, cakes, and other goodies that:

  • Are more nutritious than other grains,
  • Taste better than other grains,
  • Get lighter, fluffier results than other grains,
  • Save money over working with other grains, and
  • Help stretch your dollar by using only what you need and storing the rest.

Check it out. In the Einkorn Baking eBook you will learn:

  • Why Einkorn? All the basics: the process, the ingredients, the tools, and how to get started — Some ingredients are mission critical… some you can fudge a little. I’ll tell you exactly where and when to insist on the best, and when you can relax… and save some cash - Page 10
  • How to jump start your success with einkorn baking (and overcome the quirks of working with this ancient grain) — Even if you’ve never worked with ancient grains, I’ll show you how to make a smooth transition. - Page 15
  • From berries to actual flour in no time flat! Here’s how to mill your own fresh-ground flour. The health benefits are great, and so is the joy of feeling more connected to our ancient cooking traditions. - Page 19
  • How to sprout whole einkorn “berries” to germinate them. (Even though einkorn has less phytic acid and a gentler form of gluten, it’s still helpful to use traditional methods for the best nutrition.) - Page 23
  • How to start and care for your own einkorn sourdough starter to create beautifully leavened loaves with a delightful tang. Page 27
  • Einkorn Breakfasts — Start your day right with these simple, delicious, and nutritious einkorn breakfasts. Enjoy! - Page 32
  • Einkorn Main Dishes — How to use whole einkorn as a lovely substitute for cooked rice, or use it in a cold grain salad. Bonus: Einkorn flour makes wonderful savory crusts — perfect for pizza. - Page 38
  • Einkorn Snacks — Do your children get hungry, hungry, hungry in between meals? These snack recipes — crackers, granola bars, and scones — are sure to please. - Page 42
  • Einkorn Desserts — Have you struggled to make an allergy-sensitive pie crust that looks good and tastes great? Would you like to update your family’s dessert recipes for healthier grains? This lesson is for you. - Page 47
  • Einkorn Breads — This is the no-knead sourdough method that really takes the cake! You’ll learn how to make the no-knead sourdough einkorn artisan loaf, sandwich loaf and dinner rolls — plus other bread recipes and variations as well. - Page 52
  • And so much more…

Your Step-By-Step Adventure Awaits… Winning Recipes Created For Traditional Cooks Like You

The Einkorn Baking eBook will give you the skills you need to make beautiful, light-tasting baked goods to delight your friends and family, without sacrificing the health benefits of traditional foods.

If you’re ready to start enjoying light, fluffy, delicious baked good again, but thought that baking with ancient grains was too difficult, then you’re in for a treat.

Here are some of the recipes you’ll learn:

  • Cracked Einkorn Porridge — A healthier version of Cream of Wheat. We eat this Cracked Einkorn Porridge nearly every morning during the winter months now. My family loves this breakfast!
  • Bacon-Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits — Tip: use sprouted einkorn flour to skip soaking and go right to baking, so your biscuits turn out light and flaky,
  • Simple Sourdough Biscuits — This classic recipe from our Sourdough A to Z eCourse is perfect for use with Einkorn,
  • Sprouted Lemon-Blueberry Muffins — Delicious for breakfast. Tip: To quickly turn them into dessert: replace the fruit with chocolate chips,
  • Cold Einkorn Salad — Use up odds and ends of cooked meats, beans, cheese, vegetables and herbs. Toss with oil and vinegar, season to taste, and enjoy,
  • Grilled Sourdough Einkorn Pizza — A family favorite throughout the summer,
  • Cheesy Sourdough Einkorn Crackers — So easy and yummy. Perfect for a lovely cheese, crackers, and olive plate,
  • Dark Chocolate Cherry Granola Bars — Very flexible. Perfect for picnics and camping trips,
  • Sprouted Chocolate Chip Cookies — This perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe comes 2 ways: crispy or soft. I’ll show you both,
  • Honey-Sweetened Berry Pie with Sprouted Einkorn Pie Crust — A light, fluffy crust you can’t get from other heirloom grains. It’s as pretty as a picture (and the filling reminds me of one my grandmother used to make from wild berries growing along the stream),
  • No-Knead Sourdough Einkorn Artisan Loaf — an easy-to-serve gourmet delight with down-home charm,
  • Plus, English Muffins, Pita Bread, Cinnamon Rolls, Sourdough Einkorn Rosemary Focaccia, Chapatis, and more...

And expert tips like:

  • 5 ways to adapt your baking techniques for einkorn flour (especially helpful if you don’t like the “gloppy” feeling of working with spelt and hate kneading dough) - Page 14
  • Tips for substituting einkorn flour in your existing recipes (Give new life to favorite family recipes with these foolproof tips) - Page 15
  • Why “sticky” is good when it comes to einkorn baking, and how to use that “stickiness” to make light, fluffy baked goods - Page 15
  • Whole grain flour vs. sifted flour: Here’s how to decide (also includes the unique baking results you can expect from each one). - Page 15
  • 12 tools I highly recommend for einkorn baking: Some are optional, but when you’re ready, these tools can take your baking to the next level. - Page 16
  • How to mill your own einkorn flour — I’ll show you how to use 2 types of mills (including side-by-side pictures of the results you can get) on Page 19.
  • To sift or not to sift? — The surprising health benefits of sifting your flour and other baking considerations. It’s all on page 21.
  • What to do with leftovers? Einkorn can be pricey. Here’s how to get the most bang for your buck. - Page 21
  • Tips for sprouting einkorn. If you’ve sprouted other grains, then you’re on the right track. Here’s the tips you need to get perfect sprouts every time. I include everything you need to know on page 23.
  • Here’s how to dehydrate, mill, store, and use sprouted einkorn. Insider tip: Sprouted einkorn is perfect for spur-of-the-moment baking. But don’t try this until you read Page 24.
  • How to convert your existing sourdough starter to einkorn (or start a fresh one from scratch). - Page 27
  • But einkorn is expensive! How to keep a thriving einkorn starter without breaking the bank. (You have options.) - Page 30
  • How to make pre-soaked oats for practically “instant” einkorn crackers, granola bars, and scones - Page 43
  • Pie crust gets a make-over! If you’ve struggled to make a whole grain pie crust that is healthy, looks good, and tastes great, then you’re in for a treat. - Page 50
  • Tips for making casual tea cakes and fancy layer cakes (also includes my signature Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting). So good! - Page 49
  • Perfect bread every time: You can make 99% of your family’s breads with this one dough. Great for artisan loaves, sandwich loaves, dinner rolls, English muffins, French bread, flatbreads, cinnamon rolls and more! - Page 53
  • How to slice your artisan loaf — Slice the entire loaf at once, or keep it fresh longer by slicing just what you need. This loaf fits conveniently in a gallon-size resealable bag — and freezes well if you wish to bake ahead. - Page 55
  • And much more…

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For a limited time, I have created a special offer for Christian families who are looking for beautiful, light-tasting bread that is closest to what God intended for us to eat... 

This is an opportunity for your entire family to start enjoying the healthy ancient grain God first gave mankind...

How much would it be worth to you to learn how to bake with this heritage grain on a daily basis?

I've priced out comparable college cooking courses (which don't cover nearly as much as we do) and they'll run you about $1000 each...

In contrast, the Einkorn Baking eBook covers 10 topics — showing you the foundational techniques and delicious recipes for using einkorn in all your family's baking — from porridge and salads, to snacks, pizza, scones, cookies and our fabulous no-knead artisan bread... and more!

You can watch the videos demonstrations over and over again, and everything is documented in the printable tutorials so you can refer to the recipes and information long into the future.

The bottom line is: What I’m offering you is much more comprehensive than a single lesson. And it costs a fraction of what you’d pay to learn each topic, one at a time. Plus, it gives you plenty of detail to get you started on the right path.

So how does it work? The Einkorn Baking eBook comes as a downloadable PFD. Plus we include a FREE softcover textbook... so you can refer to your lessons and recipes even offline!

5 Master Class Videos To Help You Get Started Fast

Einkorn is special. When you bake with it, you’ll see the beautiful way your muffins rise. You can breathe in that light, warm bread smell. And even imagine families who have cooked with einkorn for 5,000 years.

However, like all ancient grains, einkorn has some quirks. The easiest way for you to learn how to get the most out of baking with einkorn is to visit my kitchen.

When you order the Einkorn Baking eBook, you’ll get immediate access to 5 Master Class Videos that reveal all my einkorn secrets. This will put you on the fast track to success.

Once you see the difference between a “sticky” einkorn dough and a regular dough, you’ll always have that picture in your mind. You’ll never get stuck with a dough that won’t rise because you added too much flour… or too little water.

Here are the 5 videos you’ll get when you order the Einkorn Baking eBook:

  • Video: Why Einkorn? — What it is and why it’s worth using in a traditional food kitchen.
  • Video:Using Einkorn — Einkorn has its eccentricities (think: sticky). It’s important to get familiar with what you might see when working with einkorn. It's going to be fun!
  • Video:How to Mill Einkorn — You’ll learn how to mill and sift flour in two different machines (including the pros and cons of each). Plus, I make a big ole' mess in the video.
  • Video: Sprouting Einkorn Seeds — You’ll learn how and why to sprout whole einkorn berries (seeds) to germinate them. Even though einkorn has less phytic acid and a gentler form of gluten, it’s still helpful to use traditional methods for the best nutrition.
  • Video:How to Make Your First Einkorn Starter — You’ll learn how to start your own einkorn sourdough starter and how to care for it. We’ll also go over the differences between an einkorn starter and other grain-based starters. Useful if you have an existing starter that you’d like to convert to einkorn

The retail value for this absolutely huge free gift collection is $37. But the confidence you’ll get from seeing how easy it is to take care of your health is priceless.

FREE BONUS Softcover Print Cookbook
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I'll also throw in a FREE spiral-bound, lay-flat, full-color printed version of the Einkorn Baking Cookbook (aka "textbook")!

Because when the internet is out or you just plain don't feel like getting on the computer... you'll still be able to follow along with the lessons and recipes conveniently on your kitchen counter.... no computer or internet required!

This Einkorn Baking print cookbook is completely free (even free shipping in the U.S.) with your purchase of the Einkorn Baking eBook! (Retail value: $80)

Your Investment Is 100% Guaranteed

I am so sure that you will love the Einkorn Baking eBook that I’m offering you a 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If for any reason, you decide that making beautiful, light-tasting baked goods to delight your friends and family, without sacrificing the health benefits of traditional foods, is not for you then please return it and I will refund your investment, less any shipping and fulfillment costs.

A Whole New World Of Beautiful, Light-Tasting Baking Is Waiting For You

It comes down to this: I love bread.

And if you’ve read this far, I know you love bread, too.

But you have excellent taste: You’re looking for beautiful, light-tasting bread that is closest to what God intended for us to eat, and sacrifices none of the healthy goodness you enjoy in your other ancient grain baking.

You have to have some pretty good reasons to turn to einkorn baking.

Reasons like:

  • Stable blood sugar levels,
  • High mineral absorption,
  • Reduced risk of tummy upset,
  • Light flavor,
  • Beautiful look,
  • Easy “buy-in” from kids, spouses & friends, and most importantly,
  • It has to taste good!

Is that a tall order? Yes, it is.

That’s why I turned to einkorn, and that’s why I’m suggesting it for you.

In the next 5 minutes you will be able to watch the first Einkorn Baking Master Class Video, mix up your ingredients, and assure the kids that something yummy is on its way.

So let’s get started.

Here's What To Do Now:

Making beautiful, light-tasting baked goods to delight your friends and family, without sacrificing the health benefits of traditional foods, starts with 3 easy steps:

1) Download your Einkorn Baking eCookbook.

2) Watch Einkorn Baking Master Class Video: “Why Einkorn?”, and

3) Whip up your first batch of einkorn muffins or chocolate-frosted cake.

The only remaining question is: Who gets to lick the spoon?”

Here’s that Buy Now button again:

God bless you and your family,

–Wardee Harmon

Traditional Cooking School Lead Teacher

P.S. One more tip: Einkorn breakfasts make great snacks. You can spread leftover einkorn sourdough pancakes with nut butter and honey for a delicious snack. Or how about slathering biscuits with cheese or nut butter and jam (from Lesson 6)? Or converting lemon-blueberry muffins into a quick dessert with one simple swap (in Lesson 4)? There are so many good options. I hope you enjoy them all — I’m sure your children will.

Click the orange button below to get started now.

In your capable hands, you’ll be able to cook healthy, tender, delicious meals and desserts in very little time.

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