Attention: Christian Parents

Help Your Baby Make A Healthy Transition From Milk to Solid Foods!

Babies don’t stay babies forever.
Here's how to introduce solid foods the RIGHT way...
so baby is healthy, happy, and learns to LOVE real food!

Great nourishing recipes!

"I absolutely love your baby info! You have done such a great job referencing different resources and sharing great nourishing recipes! My boy already has a cup recommended by you as well as the ice cream molds (cannot wait for the recipe!!) Your hard work is much appreciated!" ~Olga B., NH

Dear Traditional Cook,

Breast milk is the perfect food that sustains our babies for months, even years.

From the very beginning, breast milk colonizes the infant gut with probiotics, it seals the gut lining so particles can’t leak through, and so much more.

Yet babies don’t stay babies forever! Don't you wish they would. :)

Eventually, we all must transition from milk to “meat.”

Yet... Is There A RIGHT Way To Introduce Your Baby To Solid Foods?


It all starts with the foods we lovingly and thankfully call GNOWFGLINS — God's Natural, Organic, Whole Foods, Grown Locally, In Season.

These are the most nutrient-dense foods possible!

You might have some questions about introducing them to your baby, though...


WHAT, specifically, are the best first foods?

WHY are these foods the best?

WHEN is the best time to give them to baby? And in what order?

HOW should you give them to baby?

I'll address those questions a bit. First, though...

A Little Encouragement

If you breastfed, remember how naturally breastfeeding came to you and baby, once you got things figured out (believe me, I know how rough those first few weeks can be!)?

The introduction of solid foods to your baby can be just as effortless, and the learning curve is most likely not so steep this time!

If you do it right, that is... :)

Meet My Daughter And Her Baby Boy

Hi, My name is Wardee Harmon.

I’m the author of the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods. I am also the lead teacher for Traditional Cooking School.

It’s an online cooking school I created to honor my grandmother’s cooking traditions and preserve them so that future generations can enjoy the health benefits, flavors and fun of traditionally prepared foods.

Here is a picture of me with our oldest daughter Haniya and her first child. We call him Baby Boy. (I'm in the back holding Baby Boy; it's a screenshot from a video we did together.)

This little boy is a treasure! He eats SO well and it's been a blessing to watch our daughter introduce solid foods to him. The way she did it still astounds me (in a good way) every day!

Because, you see, he eats all kinds of foods with gusto. Although he knows to shake his head when he doesn't want to eat something, it's not because he's picky. It's because he KNOWS what he wants to eat and he KNOWS what his body needs.

At one meal, he will turn down avocado for spaghetti squash. And the next, he'll turn down the spaghetti squash for sweet potatoes. Or he will eat a ton of chicken and only a little avocado.

Again, it's not because he's picky. It's because he's been introduced to so many different good foods without prejudice that he instinctively knows what he needs.

It's amazing to watch!

How did he get to this point, though?

Because our daughter and her husband researched the BEST way to introduce solid foods with three goals in mind:

1. They wanted to ensure their son didn't lose any of the benefits of breastfeeding. Did you know that if foods are introduced in the wrong order or prepared the wrong way, baby's gut health experiences a set back that could take weeks, if not months, to restore?

2. They wanted their son to be an adventurous eater, not a picky eater. They wanted him to love food. To enjoy and eat all kinds of foods, from fruits and veggies, to meat, and even superfoods like roe and liver.

3. They wanted their son to be an intuitive eater. I referred to this earlier in this letter. How he KNOWS instinctively what his body needs and that becomes what he WANTS to eat.

Have they achieved all these goals... yes! Without a doubt!

Their son is healthy as can be, eats tons of different foods with abandon, and knows what foods he needs at the time, which he expresses through what he chooses to eat among the selection of foods he is offered at a meal.

It's a blessing to watch! And a blessing to take part in it, too, when I get to babysit!

Now can I tell you about Josip? He's a character in a book we really love called Island of the World by Michael D. O'Brien.

Babies All Over The World Can Relate To Josip:

“At last they arrive at a cliff and stop to survey the terrain in search of a way down. On its crest is a tree that Josip does not recognize. Round golden fruit litter the grass beneath it. Josip throws himself onto his knees and picks one up. Oh, such a color!

“It’s an orange,” his father says.

“Can I eat it?”

“You can try. But it’s a winter orange, very sour.”

Josip carefully bites into the skin, spews it out with a look of disgust. But the smell makes him dizzy with desire. He peels the rest with his fingers and sinks his teeth into its flesh. It is very wet inside. Oh! It is sweet!

His father picks up one of the windfalls, peels it, and splits the insides into pieces shaped like a quarter moon. He nibbles one, then spits it out.

“These are really sour,” he says.

Josip divides his into moons and gives one to his father. “This one is sweet,” he says.

Father bites into it, spits it out, and makes a face. “Even more sour!”

Convinced that his father is joking, Josip eats the remainder of his own, then opens another and eats it. He has eaten six by the time he is full.

“Sour?” asks his father.

“Sweet,” Josip replies.

— Island of the World by Michael D. O’Brien, Page 29

Until around the time of their first birthday, babies have incredibly open palates. Like Josip! They want to explore, play and experience with all of their senses.

They don’t know that liver isn’t very appetizing to most people; they think it’s delicious!

So, now is the time to give baby all of those foods you know are nourishing, like bone broth and liver and (yes, really!) caviar.

Your baby will, at the very least, give them a taste or two. Most likely, he or she will develop a liking for them!

That has certainly been the case for our grandson. :)

Now You Too Can Come Along

Once our daughter proved to herself (and her husband) that the way she introduced healthy solid foods to her son was a great way to do it, we decided to teach a live class called: Healthy Baby.

Like my other popular Traditional Cooking School classes, dozens of students signed up to attend the live on-line classes.

Together, my daughter Haniya and I worked out the best ways to teach things like:

  • The principles of introducing solid foods to babies — get this right and your baby will learn to feed himself what his body really needs! No spoons and no pureed baby foods! (Though spoons aren't totally taboo — feel free to use occasionally if your baby needs a little help! We aren't legalistic here!)
  • What foods baby should eat and when — so you can know without a doubt what foods are best for baby's development
  • How to find and work around possible food allergies — a reaction or sensitivity to a certain food can impact baby's digestion, skin, mood, and more. It's important to know how to identify and work around these.
  • What gear you need to feed your baby — You don't need much, so it won't break the bank, yet we'll show you what's essential and even some ideas that are optional for your wish list
  • How to introduce solid foods — the actual step-by-step method that will teach baby how to taste, then swallow all on his own
  • A handy list of great first foods for baby — they're all whole and nutrient dense, and form the foundation of a healthy, balanced diet
  • Another handy list of what foods baby shouldn't eat — it's important to know and avoid these
  • Answers to common questions about whether or not baby should be eating salt, grains, and even if babies need anything to drink or need to brush their teeth — some of these answers may surprise you!
  • What to do if baby gets constipated — it happens more often than not, but you can help her through it and on to the other side as her digestive system adjusts to all the new foods
  • How to help baby "eat the rainbow" — to love gobbling up all the beautifully colored fruits and vegetables God created!
  • How and when to transition baby from eating his or her own whole foods to eating what the family's eating... whole foods, of course (and we'll give you plenty of recipes)
  • Tips and tricks for planning ahead... batch-prepping nourishing superfoods like liver or salmon roe so they're on hand for baby to eat frequently without a whole lot of work on your part
  • Lots of recipes — snacks, main dishes, superfood popsicles, and even a no-sugar, no-flour "first birthday cake" that will make your baby pound the table with joy and anticipation!
  • And much more... all captured on video with helpful printable tutorials you can keep handy as you raise your own healthy GNOWFGLINS baby who loves real food!

The Best Of The Healthy Baby Class In An Easy, On-Demand eBook

The class was a huge success.

So we decided to compile all of the wisdom, tips, advice and fun of our Healthy Baby live class into an on-demand online eBook, and offer it to you at a deeply discounted price.

It’s a 50-page, 4-lesson eCookbook adventure guide along with 6 video master class.

The eCookbook is unique because it focuses on the Traditional Cooking School principles of eating and cooking GNOWFGLINS (God's Natural, Organic, Whole Foods, Grown Locally, In season) yet with adaptations specifically for baby...

...what foods to introduce, what order to introduce foods, what to avoid, how to introduce, when to introduce, and why to introduce certain foods, among other things.

Your Baby's Step-By-Step Adventure Awaits… Winning Recipes Created Just For Baby!

The Healthy Baby eBook will give you the skills and recipes you need to get baby transitioning to healthy solid foods without losing any of the protective benefits of breastfeeding... and ensuring that baby LOVES food and becomes an adventurous, intuitive eater!

If you’re ready to embark on this journey, but perhaps thought it would be too difficult, then you’re in for a treat...

Here are some of the recipes you’ll learn... that baby will thoroughly enjoy!

  • Coconut-Avocado-Banana Popsicles — Babies will love this creamy treat! The frozen texture feels wonderful on sore, teething gums — and it is rich in healthy fats.
  • Tender Pot Roast With Potatoes and Carrots — Here’s a delicious pot roast that the whole family will love, baby included! With Instant Pot, oven, and slow cooker variations included!
  • Fruit-Sweetened Carob Custard — Baby’s First Birthday Cake! With carob instead of cocoa powder so this recipe is naturally caffeine-free, baby’s first birthday party is sure to be a smashing success!
  • Yogurt or Kefir Parfait — This treat starts baby’s day off with digestive enzymes, probiotics and ... a lovely splash of color. And why limit it to only breakfast?! Serve to baby as an afternoon snack, or after dinner or anytime!
  • Meatball and Cabbage Stew — We absolutely love this stew. It’s very warming and nourishing in the spring and fall, when evenings are cool. Not only that, but it’s amazingly easy to throw together and cooks up fast!
  • Crust-Less Rainbow Quiche — Easy to throw together and full of nourishing protein, fats and vegetables to keep your baby happy and growing. Not that your baby needs any more energy! ;)
  • Batch-Prepping Caviar (Fish Roe) — Haniya's baby either LOVES caviar, or couldn’t care less
    about it. There’s no in between! Since babies tend to regulate their own calories and necessary nutrients if provided with nutritious foods, she trust his instincts. So, sometimes he eats it, and sometimes he doesn’t.
  • Batch-Prepping Liver — Similar to caviar, Haniya gives her baby grass-fed liver at least once a week. Liver is an amazingly nutrient-dense first food for children — one of the richest sources of vitamins A, D3 and K2, as well as iron, B vitamins and more!
  • Wardee’s Family’s Hummus — This makes an easy, nourishing dip for babies! Simply provide them with some veggie sticks — carrots, cucumbers, etc. — and they will soon learn the ropes!
  • Carrot Raisin No-Bake Treats (no sugar, grains, gluten, dairy, eggs or nuts!) — Full of flavor, color and goodness. Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Banana Superfood Snacks — This snack yields all the ease of a mere three ingredients, with the nutrition of SUPERFOODS!
  • Green Plantain Crackers {for babies older than 1 year} — Plantains are delicious, well-liked and easy to digest — and they contain a friend to gut flora when eaten and prepared intentionally.

A Special Offer For You

For a limited time, I have created a special offer for Christian parents who are looking for the right method to introduce healthy whole foods to baby...

How much would it be worth to you to learn how to transition baby to solid foods and raise adventurous eaters?

Even though I can't find any courses on this topic in particular, I've priced out other college Traditional Cooking courses (which don't cover nearly as much as we do) and they'll run you about $1000 each...

In contrast, the Healthy Baby eBook covers 4 topics — showing you the foundational principles for introducing solid foods, how to introduce solid foods and which ones and the order, plus how to simplify your cooking and have baby eat what the family's eating, to planning ahead and batch cooking for travel and snacks... and more!

You can watch the 5 videos demonstrations over and over again, and everything is documented in the printable tutorials so you can refer to the recipes and information long into the future.

The bottom line is: What I’m offering you is much more comprehensive than a single lesson. And it costs a fraction of what you’d pay to learn each topic, one at a time. Plus, it gives you plenty of detail to get you started on the right path.

So how does it work? The Healthy Baby eBook comes as an immediate PDF download. Plus we include a FREE softcover textbook... so you can refer to your lessons and recipes even offline!

6 Master Class Videos To Help You Get Started Fast

Babies are special. When they're happy and healthy, you feel especially thankful that God has blessed you and your children so abundantly.

However, there is a right and wrong way to introduce solid foods to baby — so you preserve the benefits of breastfeeding and so your baby turns out to be an adventurous, intuitive eater. The easiest way for you to learn how to transition your baby to solids foods is to visit our kitchen.

When you order the Healthy Baby eBook, you’ll get immediate access to 6 Master Class Videos that reveal my daughter's success in transitioning her own baby to healthy solid foods... all while encouraging her baby to love and adore good food. This will put you and your baby on the fast track to success.

Once you know what foods to introduce, along with when and how, you’ll always have that picture in your mind. You’ll never get stuck with a dough that won’t rise because you added too much flour… or too little water.

Here are the 6 videos you’ll get when you order the Healthy Baby eBook:

  • Video: Principles Of Introducing Solid Foods To Baby — The whole scoop on why, when, and what for getting baby started with solid foods —- when to start? how often? which foods? what about allergies? and so many more important considerations you have to know before you start.
  • Video: Recommended Gear and Resources — Although you don’t need much to feed your baby, here is the most important gear Haniya and her family used and appreciated while introducing solid foods to baby.
  • Video: How To Introduce Solid Foods To Baby — In a previous video, you learn the why, when, and what. Here's where we show you HOW — what time of day, baby's ideal state of mind, how big of pieces to offer (no spoons or purees here!), how breastfeeding fits in, etc. 
  • Video: Baby's First Foods — Join Haniya and her baby for a demonstration of a first feeding adventure! I may be biased but our grandson is the perfect model for this!
  • Video: Fruit-Sweetened Carob Custard — This is the amazing recipe that Haniya chose for her son's first birthday. She shows you how to make it (it's easy! and delicious!) and then we turned the camera on for the first birthday party... Baby Boy loved it as you will soon see!
  • Plus 8 more recipe and tip videos, including batch-cooking, family pot roast, and more!

The retail value for this absolutely huge free gift collection is $37. But the confidence you’ll get from seeing how easy it is to take care of your health is priceless.

FREE BONUS Softcover Print Cookbook
"Healthy Baby"

I'll also throw in a FREE spiral-bound, lay-flat, full-color printed version of the Healthy Baby Cookbook (aka "textbook")!

Because when the internet is out or you just plain don't feel like getting on the computer... you'll still be able to follow along with the lessons and recipes conveniently on your kitchen counter.... no computer or internet required!

This Healthy Baby print cookbook is completely free (even free shipping in the U.S.) with your purchase of the Healthy Baby eBook! (Retail value: $80)

Your Investment Is 100% Guaranteed

I am so sure that you will love the Healthy Baby eBook that I’m offering you a 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If for any reason, you decide that making beautiful, light-tasting baked goods to delight your friends and family, without sacrificing the health benefits of traditional foods, is not for you then please return it and I will refund your investment, less any shipping and fulfillment costs.

Imagine: Your Baby LOVES Food!

It is totally possible to raise healthy children that LOVE real food!

And if you’ve read this far, I know you believe it and want it, too.

Are they similar to my daughter Haniya's reasons?

She wanted to maintain the health benefits of breastfeeding, instead of taking a backward step with less nutritious food; not to mention that she wanted her son to LOVE healthy food and become an adventurous, intuitive eater.

Is this a tall order? Yes, it is.

Yet it's truly possible when you introduce GNOWFGLINS to your baby in the right way and in the right order, and that's why we're suggesting it to you and other parents.

In the next 5 minutes, you will be able to watch the first Healthy Baby Master Class Video. And by your baby's next meal, you could be one step closer to raising a healthy, adventurous eater of your own!

Mealtime is never more fun than when children love good food — and learn to thank Jesus for it.

So let's get started...

Here's What To Do Now:

Introducing healthy solid foods to your baby, without sacrificing the health benefits of breastfeeding, starts with 3 easy steps:

1) Download your Healthy Baby eCookbook.

2) Watch Healthy Baby Master Class Video: “Principles Of Introducing Solid Foods To Baby”, and

3) Plop baby in his/her highchair and offer the first finger foods!

The only remaining question is: "Who gets to clean up the mess?”

Just kidding! Because this style of eating surprised me! Our grandson is so in touch with his food that he doesn't make much of a mess. He loves his food too much to waste it. :)

Here’s that Buy Now button again:

God bless you and your family,

–Wardee Harmon

Traditional Cooking School Lead Teacher

P.S. One more tip: The key to introducing solid foods? Plop your baby in the high chair and put some food in front of him or her! In the beginning, meal times are more about exploration and fun than eating, so there's not much to worry about. Given a selection of nutrient-dense foods (we tell you which ones in the class), babies and children tend to eat a balanced diet over the course of several days all on their own.

Click the orange button below to get started now.

In your capable hands, your baby will be eating healthy solid foods in very little time... with a lot of fun along the way!

Here's the Buy Now button again. I'll see you inside shortly!

Got a Question?

Here are the most common questions and answers about the Healthy Baby eBook. If you have any other questions, click the chat bubble on this page and we'll answer right away!

Is it too late to improve my health?

No. It’s never too late to start feeling better. Why? Parents often sacrifice their own needs. And as the years go by, their health gradually declines. I want parents of any age to be able to feel better, starting today... as well as their children to get started on the right foot!

How much work is involved in this eBook?

There’s some work involved in the lessons of this eBook. But I can honestly say, it’s some of the funnest work I’ve done. The cooking techniques are simple. And the recipes are mostly “mix and go.” It’s easy. And the results are amazingly effective.

Is the Healthy Baby eBook taught as a live class?

No. This is the companion eBook to our online eCourse. The videos you get are pre-recorded, so you don’t have to show up anywhere, at a specific day or time. The eBook is ready for you to download immediately after purchase.

Is there a printed or hard-copy version of this eBook?

Yes! When you purchase the PDF eBook, we're including a spiral-bound, lay-flat, full-color textbook completely free. It's an $80 value and you even get free shipping.

What if I decide I don't like it?

No worries. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Just contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we'll be happy to refund your investment, less any shipping and fulfillment costs.

Is religion a huge theme in this eBook?

We focus on the techniques of preparing real foods using traditional methods that preserve or enhance the nutritional value of the original ingredients.

There is a heavy emphasis on answering the “how” questions. However, there is always a reason for “why” we do things, and it is this “why” that is often more important than the “how.”

Our philosophy: At Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS, we believe that God is our creator and the source of all things good. God is the “why” for all that we do, including the way we cultivate, harvest, prepare and eat foods. That’s why we share our love for God and explain how we can see God’s design in our food.

This resonates with most of our students, though some participate solely for the techniques. We are happy to help you either way.