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Discover How To Nourish Your Body, So You Can
"Look Good, Feel Good, & Do Good"
At Every Stage Of Your Life

With the right health information and the right foods prepared, there's no reason a woman can't live a full, joyful life through ALL the ages and stages. Do it for yourself, your family, and for the Lord!

Dear Friend,

I’d like to talk to you about something very personal — your health. Yet, what does women's health have to do with Traditional Cooking?

The answer: Everything!

Hi, I’m Wardee. As you may know, when I started Traditional Cooking School, I wanted to honor my grandmother’s cooking traditions. And I wanted to preserve those traditions for future generations.

Why? So my children could grow up with the health benefits, flavors and fun of traditionally prepared foods... the foods we call GNOWFGLINS — which stands for "God's Natural, Organic, Whole Foods, Grown Locally, In Season". :-)

And as I started serving traditionally-cooked meals, I saw amazing changes in my family’s health. Not only did my children and husband start feeling better — I started feeling better, too.

I lost weight. I felt stronger. And I discovered that I was able to do more for my family. As a Christian wife and mother, I can tell you that nothing matters to me more than that. Here’s why...

"Take My Life, It's All For Thee..."

One of my favorite hymns is "Take My Life". And one stanza in particular stands out to me. It says:

Take my hands, and let them move
At the impulse of Thy love;
Take my feet and let them be
Swift and beautiful for Thee...

The other verses talk about giving "my life", "my lips", "my voice", and "all of me." And they encourage us to use everything we have for God's glory. That's the life I want for me. And that's the life I want for you!

A Life Lived To The Fullest!

For you to do the good in your family you long to do... you must feel well. That’s why your health is SO important!

It comes down to this: the healthier you are, the better you feel. And the better you feel, the more you can give, serve and nurture those around you.

Your life, hands, feet, voice, and lips all work together for God’s good. So it’s part of your job to make sure all parts of you are at their best.

And as an extra benefit, when your health improves, you gain an inner and outer glow that others can't help but notice!

Wardee's Story

Honestly, I'm a teacher here but I'm also a student!

Over the past several months, I've interviewed experts in naturopathy, midwifery, functional medicine, chiropractic, and essential oils. And I learned so much that it literally changed my life... for the better.

I wouldn't go back to what I knew before ... not in a million years.

I want to tell you more about what happened to me... it's nothing short of miraculous.

I'm still trying to find the right words to express all I learned and what all has happened. So I'm not sure I'm ready to say it all but I can say a few things...

I took everything I learned about my body and my health to my doctor, so we could tweak my supplements, protocols, diet and more. And now, I feel the best I've felt my whole life.

I'm not kidding. That's not an exaggeration.

Looking back, I can see that I had hormonal issues beginning in puberty! Things were not quite right from the onset of when I started becoming a "woman".

I even had hormone testing done in my 20s and found issues, but never did anything with it. Life was too busy, other things were more important.

My husband and I had babies, raised our children, and started our business. And life is still busy... isn't it always?

Then, I got into my 40s, a few years ago. And things were just really bad.

So bad that I was laid up once a month during my cycle. And I worried about how much blood I was losing… all while struggling with debilitating headaches.

I Was Doing Everything "Right"
So What Was I Doing Wrong?

For some reason, in spite of doing everything "right", my body was really messed up hormonally and I was feeling it everywhere... especially at that time of month. Yet even all month long, I struggled with low energy, fatigue, and daily headaches.

Yet now — through careful supplementation, lifestyle and diet choices — I'm on the other side of that. And I’m feeling great.

In the last couple months, I've had a huge turnaround hormonally to the point where I no longer suffer. I have tons of energy and I've been sooooo much more productive. (And no more headaches!)

I'm so thankful to have found the right information and the right health care providers to help me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So that's just a bit of my story... for now. And I’ll keep learning, growing, and sharing what I learn for the rest of my life.

Yet this experience made me wonder:

Why Is It So Hard To Find Good Information On Women’s Health?

The problem is that Women’s Health is almost a taboo topic. We struggle with issues like: PCOS, cysts, adrenal fatigue, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, inflammation, and a host of other ailments. But we don’t talk about them much.

And the mainstream medical community doesn’t do a great job of supporting us, until the issues get so big that we land in the Emergency Room with life-threatening conditions.

Yet what if... we could work together, to understand our bodies and deal with issues, before they get out of control? So that became my guiding question.

And as I was doing my research, I was shocked by something else: It’s really hard to find medically accurate information about Women’s Health that also embraces traditional family values and traditional cooking.

So that’s why I decided to create my own materials to share what I learned with you. (I’ll tell you what’s in the eBook in a minute, but first I want to tell you how the original course was created.)

My Journey Into Women’s Health

This is one of those times when a journey of a thousand miles started with a single step. Women’s Health is a huge topic. So where did I begin?

The first thing I did was ask women in the Traditional Cooking School and GNOWFGLINS community what they wanted to know about Women’s Health.

Their answers were interesting and insightful. My biggest takeaway was this:

Christian women need health information, tips, and recipes that support all the stages of a woman's life.

Specifically, you need to know:

  • How to manage your natural fertility,
  • How to have a healthy pregnancy,
  • How to give birth in the best way, for you and your baby,
  • How to manage the changes in your body after pregnancy,
  • How to balance your hormones and deal with depression,
  • How to reduce debilitating female issues like PMS, PCOS, insulin resistance, and weight gain,
  • How to help your teenage daughter prepare for her cycle,
  • What to eat for energy, especially as you go through your monthly cycle, and
  • How to manage mood swings, hot flashes, and other symptoms of pre-menopause and menopause.

It all comes down to this: with the right health information and the right foods prepared, there's no reason a woman can't live a full joyful life through ALL the ages and stages!

Experts At The Top Of Their Game

Next, to get those answers for you, I (and my grown daughter Haniya) interviewed amazing Women’s Health experts and teachers. These experts are at the top of their game. For decades, they have been researching, writing, working with patients, and creating recipes to support your health.

I can’t wait for you to hear what they have to say. Especially:

  • Penny Lane, who is a certified nurse midwife in Central Indiana,
  • Lara Briden, a naturopathic doctor practicing in Australia, and
  • Eric Zielinski, a chiropractor and essential oils expert in Georgia.

These three and others have shared so much (and I captured it all on camera to share with you!).

And finally, I put all these tips, techniques, and insights together in a new eBook. I call it:

The Women's Health eBook

The first thing I have to tell you about the Women’s Health eBook is: It’s huge! :-)

But I truly believe it's my best work yet. Mostly because sooo many people were involved in all stages of development. Which means, the production quality and information is much better than I could have done alone. I'm so grateful.

Plus, my two daughters were highly involved in researching, writing, and building the lessons. So that makes it extra special to me.

So... what’s inside?

A Sneak Peek At What’s Inside

Inside the Women’s Health eBook, there are 18 modules spanning the major stages of a woman's life:

  • The Healthy Woman — for all ages
  • Motherhood: Fertility & Pregnancy — ages 20 to 40
  • Motherhood: Postpartum & Breastfeeding — ages 20 to 40
  • Womanhood: Pre-Menopause, Peri-Menopause, Menopause & Post-Menopause — ages 40s to 60s+

Each of these modules has 2 parts. The first part is educational, and the second part is all about the fun stuff… especially cooking!

In the first section of each module, you’ll learn:

  • Fascinating things about how (and why) your body works,
  • Quick and easy ways you can improve your health, and even
  • How to catch troublesome issues early, before they become big problems.

We’ll talk about topics like:

  • Nutrition, Herbs & Essential Oils For The Healthy Woman
  • Healthy Habits
  • What Every Woman (& Teenage Girl) Needs To Know
  • Balancing Hormones
  • PMS & Dysmenorrhea
  • Weight Loss & Insulin Resistance
  • PCOS & Endometriosis
  • Adrenal & Thyroid Health
  • Natural Remedies For Common Female Infections
  • Sexual Health
  • Natural Pregnancy Remedies, Nutrition & Birth Choices
  • The Joy Of Breastfeeding, including Nutrition & Exercise
  • Natural Postpartum Remedies
  • Menopause & Beyond

Please note: The information in this book is presented in medically accurate terminology. Why does that matter?

Your body is a temple. And it deserves to be treated with respect. That’s why there’s no cute-sy language in the eBook.

Also, every topic is presented in a way that you can feel comfortable sharing with your age-appropriate children — or discussing with your doctor.

And Here’s Where Traditional Cooking Comes In...

The second section of each module is all about taking action. This is where you’ll find recipes, tips, and DIY projects that support your health. So let’s start cooking!

Every recipe I share features whole foods, superfoods, natural supplements, herbs, and/or essential oils — all proven powerful in supporting a woman's health and hormones. Plus, they’re all free of refined sweeteners!

You will learn:

  • How to nourish the female body with the right foods, vitamins, and minerals (including lots of easy recipes!)
  • How to use herbs, essential oils to support health, hormones and female issues — lots of DIY recipes for infusions, teas, concoctions, and salves you can make at home!
  • Healthy habits such as exercise, rest, and dry brushing — helping you reduce stress and toxins so you're healthier and happier!
  • How to make natural, non-toxic, even “edible” homemade makeup — and lotion! And perfume!
  • What your daughter needs to know about her cycle before it starts. And then help to prepare for when it does, by exploring natural menstrual products like cloth pads and other alternatives.
  • When to see the doctor — should you be getting mammograms, pap smears, and/or pelvic exams? How often?
  • Natural options for birth control that don't wreak havoc on your hormones...
  • How to balance hormones naturally... and avoid pharmaceutical products that cause more harm than good.
  • How to relieve PMS naturally — again, lots of DIY recipes and tips headed your way in this topic!
  • Natural ways to balance blood sugar and improve insulin resistance, with healthy recipes for breads, desserts, and other foods that can work with a successful weight loss plan.
  • Natural food-based, herbal & essential oil remedies for female issues such as PCOS, endometriosis, adrenal fatigue, thyroid disease, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, and others...
  • Explore healthy sexuality... with real food "tools" to support intimate, happy, and joyful relationships.
  • Education on natural pregnancy and birth so you can make the right choices for your family... plus hear the birth stories from your teachers. :-)
  • How your hormones change during pregnancy, and which traditional foods and supplements promote a healthy, happy pregnancy.
  • Natural remedies that can help "balance" a pregnant mama — such as chiropractic care, morning sickness remedies, help for stretch marks, and more!
  • Explore the beauty of breastfeeding — including how to ensure a good latch and provide the right nutrition for an abundant milk supply.
  • Get help for other issues that happen after giving birth — such as diastasis recti, constipation, and postpartum depression. Lots of recipes and balanced tips here.
  • Get a heads up about the hormonal changes happen in the years leading up to menopause — and learn natural ways to ensure those years (which are painful for many) are joyful and empowering instead! (Yes, we'll discuss natural ways to balance hormones and reduce symptoms.)
  • And much, much more!

How the Women’s Health eBook Is Helping Others

Thank you! She tackled the complicated issues!

"I am so impressed by the in-depth discussion with Dr. Lane in Lesson 4 of Women's Health! Thank you giving her the time to fully discuss all the complicated issues she addressed. She did a good job with the spiritual side as well as the practical side of these important life decisions." ~Lee B.

I'm literally in tears!

"I’m literally in tears watching Lessons 7, 8, and 10 of the Women’s Health. I was diagnosed with PCOS years ago after years of declining health, and yet treating it with progesterone did not alleviate my symptoms. I have cysts on my thyroid and ovaries, and despite various symptoms of adrenal fatigue, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, inflammation, and a host of other ailments, I was not treated for any of these issues.

My health has continued to decline and just within the past two weeks I have had some very serious issues that landed me at the doctor’s office and then the ER this past Sunday.

After following TCS for many months, I finally decided to join when I saw that this course was being offered. Everything that is being addressed are the very things that I need to do for my health. I am so overjoyed that many of the things I prayed about and had been seeking answers to for YEARS, are being discussed in this course.

I have felt so alone for so long and even though I made very dramatic changes to my diet (like quitting sugar over 2 years ago), and have been preparing many traditional and healing foods for years now, I had not found complete healing and have gotten worse.

I wanted to say thank you to you all for allowing the Lord to use you to bring this knowledge to so many. I feel that this course was designed specifically for me. In all my years of research, I have yet to find a resource like TCS that covers every area of health and healing that I have been looking for all in one place.

Thank you Wardee, Haniya, Megan, and Lindsey for sharing your wisdom and creating this class. You have touched me and renewed my hope. May God’s blessings be upon you." ~Ajene G.

A Special Offer For You

For a limited time, I have created a special offer for Christian women who want to improve their health. This is an opportunity for you to start feeling better, so you can give from a full heart instead of an “empty bucket.”

How much would it be worth to you to start feeling better, right now? Check it out:

I’ve spoken to functional medicine doctors who sell health packages in their health clinics. These packages sell for as much as $3500 each. Yet they only cover one topic at a time.

In contrast, the Women’s Health eBook covers 18 topics spanning a woman's life from girlhood to past menopause.

Here’s something else I learned: It costs about $400+ to take a single Creighton Natural Family Planning class.

What I’m offering you is much more comprehensive than a single course. And it costs a fraction of what you’d pay to learn each topic, one at a time. Plus, it gives you plenty of detail to get you started on the right path. You can watch the videos over and over again, and everything is documented in full in the printable written materials for you to refer to long into the future.

So how does it work? The Women’s Health eBook comes as a single convenient downloadable PDF that you can read on computer, tablet, or phone!

5 Master Class Videos To Help You Get Started Fast!

What’s the best way to get started making easy changes that support your health? I suggest you start with the Master Class Videos! They make taking care of your health fun and approachable.

When you order the Women’s Health eBook, you will be immediately ushered into a collection of 6 private video tutorials that reveal secrets of nutrition, weight loss, menstrual comfort, pregnancy, hormone balancing, women’s health care, and more.

We’ll also explore making blushes and eye shadows. And we’ll wrap the collection up with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even... delicious, healthy cookies and treats for dessert. What could be more fun that that?

Here are the 6 videos you’ll get when you order the full Women's Health eBook:

  • Video: General Women’s Nutrition — Women have different nutritional needs than men. This simple truth has been overlooked for too long. In this video, we’ll explore the most important things you need to know about nutrition.
  • Video: Top 5 Herbs for Women — Herbs are a wonderful way to support your health. I’ll show you the best herbs for you. I’ll also show you how to use and store them, so they stay fresh and maintain their healthfulness.
  • Video: Top 5 Essential Oils for Women — These power-packed oils have special qualities that can support your health… if you use them in the right way. I’ll show you which ones are best for women.
  • Video: Homemade Blush — Have you ever wanted enjoy the beautiful, soft glow of makeup, without worrying about the harsh chemicals in store brands? I’ll show you how to make your own blushes and eye shadows. It’s easy. And it’s fun to do with friends. Girls’ Night In, anyone?
  • Video: No-Bake Maca Cookie Bites — Sometimes, a cookie is the only thing that will hit the spot. These No-bake Maca Cookies Bites are healthy, delicious, and easy to make. Plus, they won’t heat up your kitchen on a hot summer day.

The retail value for this absolutely huge free gift collection is $37. But the confidence you’ll get from seeing how easy it is to take care of your health is priceless.

Your Investment Is 100% Guaranteed

I am so sure that you will love the Women’s Health eBook that I’m offering you a 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If for any reason, you decide that the Women’s Health eBook is not for you, then please return both and I will refund your investment.

It's Time To Get Started!

God didn't design us to feel broken! We’re meant to live healthy lives, so we can serve and love to the fullest. That’s why it’s important that you learn about your health.

Your health deserves to be a top priority, so that you can feel healthy and whole. You don’t have to live with fatigue, mood swings, or night sweats. And you don’t have to worry about having a baby someday… or regret a birth experience didn’t go “perfectly.”

And most importantly, most of the time, feeling better is as simple as getting the right education and taking a few simple action steps. So let’s get started!

Here's What To Do Now:

Now is your time to learn how to naturally and healthfully nourish your body through all its ages and stages. Why? So you can look good, feel good, and do good, as you nurture and serve your friends and family (and take care of yourself!).

Getting started is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Click the Buy Now! button below to get your Women’s Health eBook,
  2. Watch the first Masterclass video: “General Women’s Nutrition”, and
  3. Choose one simple action step to start improving your health today. Maybe it’s as simple as brewing up a cup of herbal tea, or sharing something you learned with other women in the TCS community.

Ready? Click the button below to get 60% OFF today...

You are completely covered with our generous 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you don’t risk anything.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away.

I’ll see you inside! God bless you!


P.S. Now is your time to learn how to naturally and healthfully nourish your body through all its ages and stages. Why? So you can look good, feel good, and do good, as you nurture and serve your friends and family (and take care of yourself!). Click the button below to secure the sale price on the Women's Health eBook...

Got a Question?

Here are the most common questions and answers about the Women's Health eBook. If you have any other questions, click the chat bubble on this page and we'll answer right away!

Is it too late to improve my health?

No. It’s never too late to start feeling better. Why? Women often sacrifice their own needs. And as the years go by, their health gradually declines. I want women of any age to be able to feel better, starting today.

Will this eBook help my teenage daughter?

Yes. I want to give our daughters the gift of better health. When they know more about how to take care of their bodies, they can live longer, healthier, happier lives than previous generations. Note: Some of the material in this eBook may not be appropriate for younger children. So, please use your judgment on sensitive topics.

Is it selfish to put my needs before my family's needs?

No. It's not selfish to take care of yourself. Your family needs you. And they need you to be in good health. Because the better health you enjoy, the more you can love and nurture your family, friends, and church.

How much work is involved in this eBook?

There’s some work involved in this book. But I can honestly say, it’s some of the funnest work I’ve done. The cooking techniques are simple. And the recipes are mostly “mix and go.” It’s easy. And the results are amazingly effective.

Is the Women's Health eBook taught as a live class?

No. This is the companion eBook to our online eCourse. The videos you get are pre-recorded, so you don’t have to show up anywhere, at a specific day or time. The eBook is ready for you to download immediately after purchase.

Is the Women's Health eBook a substitute for medical advice?

No. The Women’s Health eBook doesn't replace working with a doctor. In the eBook, you’ll read interviews from doctors that give medical information. But that's not a substitute for working with your doctor. You are responsible for your own health care choices.

Is there a printed or hard-copy version of this eBook?

At this time, no. However, you have our permission to print a copy of the Cooking Outside eBook PDF for personal use.

What if I decide I don't like it?

No worries. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Just contact us within 30 day of your purchase and we'll be happy to refund your investment, less any shipping and fulfillment costs.