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Get A Free Healthy Kitchen Assessment

Have Wardee review your cooking and identify the #1 roadblock stopping you from consistent healthy eating.

If you're a Christian mom or dad who desires to glorify the Lord in all things (even down to how you cook), then you might just be a few tweaks away from consistently eating healthy, getting healthier, and feeling great.

How the "Healthy Kitchen Assessment" works:

  1. Click the orange button above or below to answer a few quick questions and set up your chat.
  2. I’ll reach out via text (no phone call) to collect essential details about your cooking routines and health goals.
  3. We'll also dive into your specific areas of interest with traditional cooking ... such as sourdough, fermenting, culturing, ancient grains, etc.
  4. I’ll review your situation to find out why your current diet/routine is preventing you from reaching your health and cooking goals.

Once you get your completed assessment, you will:

  1. Know why you're not hitting your health and/or cooking goals.
  2. Identify the #1 biggest bottleneck stopping you from consistently keeping up with and getting great results with your traditional cooking methods such as sourdough, fermenting, and culturing.
  3. Get a simple, 3-step plan to Eat God's Way, highlighting a few simple tweaks in your routines and methods that will immediately improve your cooking.
  4. Be more consistent with healthy cooking, get healthier, and feel better ... in as little as a week!