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"Home Grain Milling 101"

Learn the ins and outs of home grain milling... including grain mill types, how to store fresh-milled flour, gluten-free milling, how to bake with fresh-ground flour and much more!

Meet Wardee from Traditional Cooking School

wife, mom of 3, and author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fermenting Foods"

Hi, My name is Wardee Harmon. I’m the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods. I am also the lead teacher for Traditional Cooking School.

My family and I have been milling our own grains at home for many years. Not only do we get healthier, better results using fresh-milled flour in our recipes — I've also learned a lot about home milling and tried out several kinds of mills during this time.

I would love to share with you what I've learned over the years in my FREE eBook: "Home Grain Milling 101".

You'll discover...

  • Why you should mill your own flour... I've got 8 reasons for you and one of them will show you that it's actually easier than ever these days to have fresh-milled flour on demand for healthy, yummy home baking!
  • How to store whole grains and whole grain flour.
  • How to mill sprouted grains into flour.
  • What foods can and can't be milled into flour.
  • The differences between the mill types — so you can choose the right mill for your family. (Even non-electric mills are included in this list!)
  • How to make gluten-free flour and gluten-free flour blends.
  • How to crack grains for your own whole grain porridges — like Cream of Wheat... but healthier!
  • How to substitute fresh-milled flour in all your favorite recipes... because fresh-milled flour can't just be used 1:1 in recipes... you have to know how to adjust the amounts up or down.
  • What other fun and helpful tasks your grain mill can do for your family and your kitchen — because if you have a grain mill, you should make the most of your investment by letting it do as much as it can for you!
  • The 3 mills I have used over the years... which one doesn't make good flour, how the other two performed, and which one is my absolute favorite (and why)
  • And much more... including information about milling and baking with ancient grains like einkorn (the 5,000 year old variety of wheat that's arguably healthier for us).

This free eBook contains everything you need to know about home grain milling and baking with fresh-ground flour... I combined it all into a single FREE downloadable eBook just for you!

I can't wait to give it to you and to hear what you do with it. Just click the orange button to download the FREE eBook right now.

-Wardee Harmon