Eat God's Way "Perfect Sourdough A to Z"

New Training:

"How To Make A Sourdough Starter"

Since no Instant Yeast in Bible Times... a sourdough starter rises the bread!

Make your own starter in just 5 minutes a day for 5 days... using 2 ingredients you already have!

Our simple method works without adding sugar or other unneeded "boosters"... and without babying it, worrying about it, or being a slave to it... and even if your past attempts have failed.

It's been a life changer!

"I am so in love with this sourdough!! It's been a life changer for me amazing how the digestive system reacts to sourdough, it's so gentle on it, I can't get over the "no bloat"!! I am 51 and have had issues with bloating my whole life but not anymore." —Shelley F.

Sourdough pancakes excellent

"Wow, what a great company you guys are. Thank you for your generosity and teaching me how to cook all these wonderful things. The sourdough pancakes are excellent food for my stomach. The food is helping my body heal. May God bless and keep you." —Tena

Your way seems doable

"I'm excited to try your sourdough starter, especially after watching a couple of your videos and learning I don't have to bake every day because I have a huge bowl of starter. I tried that once - it was too much! Your way seems doable." —Diane

Meet Wardee from Traditional Cooking School

author of "Sourdough A to Z" and "Fermenting"

Hi, I’m Wardee from Traditional Cooking School. I’ve been culturing foods for years. In fact, I'm the author of "Sourdough A to Z", "The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods", and the new book "Fermenting".

I grew up around cultured foods from the Middle East, like sourdough bread, cheese, and olives. That’s probably why these are my favorite foods even today.

Through my work online, I’ve been blessed to help thousands of people make (and love) sourdough breads and baked goods at home, simply and easily and deliciously!

I’m honored you’re here so I can help you, too. I'd love to give you free instructions for how you can make your own sourdough starter. As well as getting step-by-step instructions, in the free PDF you'll discover:

  • God's plan for healthy bread (hint: it's hiding in plain sight in practically all our foods)
  • What makes sourdough better than quick-yeasted bread (your tummy will thank you!)
  • How to make your own sourdough starter (in just 5 minutes, it could be sitting on your kitchen counter starting its magic)
  • What to do with your bubbly sourdough starter (more than just bread... think cakes, muffins, pizza, and more!)
  • How to make your first sourdough recipes... delicious skillet pancakes and waffles!

In 5 minutes, you can be mixing up your sourdough starter and setting it on your kitchen counter to do its thing. Plus, you'll be taking a huge first step toward healthy breads for you and your family... you can be whipping some of those up in just 5 days!

So — right now — why not take that first step toward making breads and baked goods that are actually good for you?

Click the orange button to download the free instructions and I'll show you how!

-Wardee Harmon

"I strictly follow Wardee's recipes and methods, and my cultured foods come out fantastic!" -Jerri from Homesteader Supply
"I love the science behind what is going on, and the way it honors God. I feel so in awe of His power and creation when I watch the sourdough rise!!" —Nicole S.