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"Use Traditional Methods To Prepare Easy, Delicious, And Healing Foods Your Family Will *LOVE* To Eat!"

"I have taken a weekend cooking class on traditional foods that cost several thousand dollars. Your free videos are clearer and more practical." ~ Dawn M.

In The FREE Traditional Cooking Video Series, You'll...

  • discover the one simple and easy technique to make grains, nuts, and seeds more nutritious and digestible — better for you than they were before!
  • learn how to save money by cooking dry beans from scratch — no more unhealthy and expensive canned beans for your family.
  • discover the simple preparation for raw nuts that can ease the stomach-ache so many experience from raw nuts.
  • go "pantry-diving" to create easy and healthy skillet dishes — no recipe required! (If you usually rely on recipes, don't worry — my method really works to give you the freedom and skills you never thought possible!)
  • get printable at-a-glance fact sheets as a handy reference to easily implement what you learn.
  • see how God's design for whole foods and nutritious preparation methods just makes sense.
  • be on your way to looking good, feeling good, and doing good — you and your family!

What Other Moms Are Saying...

Your free videos are clearer and more practical...

"In the past I have taken a weekend cooking class on traditional foods that cost several thousand dollars. Your free videos are clearer and more practical. I am even more inspired to cook organic whole foods for my family. Thanks for your encouragement." ~ Dawn M.

I am blessed to have found this connection

"Greetings from Southern Oregon... I am SO excited about your site, the trainings, recipes, and perspective. Beautiful first video and I couldn't agree more. I am blessed to have found this connection and will share with others. Many continued blessings to you and your family, Wardee!" ~Joni H.

A renewed motivation to get with the program

"Dear Wardee... I add my thanks to God and to you. Hooking up with your website and seeing your posts on Facebook, have given me a renewed motivation to "get with the program" after our long Maine winter is over. I have never tried preserving excess garden foods, but as I slowly shift my "normal" American diet to diet as you present it, I am finding that I am feeling better physically. I am disabled with severe Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome/ Fibromyalgia and and waiting to get into a Neurologist to rule out MS (hopefully). I have taken tons of drugs with no appreciable improvement. I'm sure that God sent me to you, and I can't wait to learn all that you have to teach. As well as I can't wait to start feeling better! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!" ~Joan

Clear, easy to follow, and very motivating

"Hi Wardee, it was wonderful to learn of your family's experiences with whole foods while also being inspiring and highly educational. Thank you! Your videos are clear, easy to follow and very motivating. Thank you!" ~Pat

Thank you for helping me prepare food in a traditional way...

"God bless you for extending your generosity to me with these free videos! I need all the help I can get on this journey to understanding the preparation of real food for healthier living. Every day I watch the planes spray and dump chemicals on my tiny city garden. And every day I pray to our Lord to preserve us from debilitating toxic chemicals. Thank you for helping me to prepare food in a traditional and proper way." ~Deb H.

New sense of direction...

"As a Christian, I have long wondered where the disconnect is between God and typical American eating and farming practices. You have found the words for what I have felt for a long time, and I am grateful. I have felt alone in having a strong sense of right and wrong in my kitchen (regarding how foods are raised and grown and prepared). You have also given me new direction and a broader view than I had discovered on my own. Thank you for this healthy wealth of information!" ~K. Baldwin

Simple, Delicious, Traditional Foods Healed My Family!

I’m Wardee, a wife, mom of 3, grandma of 2, and traditional cook in Idaho.

For years, my family struggled with food-related health problems, like food and environmental allergies, digestive issues, and an overall lack of energy.

We worked around these issues for a long time. I looked into traditional healing food preparation methods like those in the book "Nourishing Traditions," but learning a whole new way to eat and prepare food felt really overwhelming.

There's a lot of information to absorb and implement!

I thought it seemed too complicated. Too hard. Basically, I was scared. :)

One day, a lightbulb went off! I realized that our diet was already restrictive and difficult, so why not try that thing called Traditional Cooking? It couldn't be any harder than what we were doing already.

We had nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

So I revisited those traditional cooking methods — and it was like discovering food for the first time. Delicious, nutritious, and healing! It was amazing!

Consuming those whole ingredients prepared through traditional methods made our food more nutritious and digestible, improved our gut health, helped our immune system fight off sickness and disease, and resolved our food sensitivities and seasonal allergies. Among many other things!

The recipes are delicious and easy to follow, but the best part is how good it feels to know that we're glorifying God, our Creator, by embracing His design for our nourishment.

The biggest misconception about traditional cooking is that the methods take too long or are too complicated to follow.

That's simply not true!

I’d love to show you how simple and easy it can be by giving you 5 free videos.

Included are my favorite traditional food prep techniques, plus I will give you printable at-a-glance fact-sheets — they'll be a handy reference as you easily implement what you discover.

Simply click the button above or below — and I’ll get you started right away.

Ready to get started enjoying traditional healthy foods your family will love? Great!

-Wardee Harmon

P.S. Plus.... along with the free video series, I'm also giving you 14+ FREE Traditional Cooking eBooklets, too!

These 14+ eBooklets feature Traditional Cooking recipes and methods — yogurt, sourdough bread, fermenting, Kombucha, Instant Pot, healthy desserts, and more!

They're all waiting for you alongside the free video series in the FREE "Traditional Cooking Cupboard" that I'm setting up for you...'ll get the details by email and/or text message right after you sign up below!