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"No-Knead Sourdough Bread"

  • 15 minutes of hands-on time for light, fluffy, delicious and healthy bread
  • Use any flour... all purpose, whole wheat, spelt, emmer, einkorn, etc.
  • Includes instructions for making your own sourdough starter, too

Best bread ever...

"I made my first no-knead sourdough loaf, it's the best bread I've ever made, thank you!" —Virginia C.

Perfect, every time!

"My beautiful loaves come out of the oven PERFECT, EVERY TIME! Such continued bread-baking success never happened for me before, and I'm a senior citizen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." —Susan D.

Bread is so much better

"I knew how to do sourdough before, but with what you've shared about sourdough, my bread is so much better than before. My husband loves eating it. Thank you so much!" —Joyce W.

Meet Wardee from Traditional Cooking School of "Sourdough A to Z" and "Fermenting"

Hi, I’m Wardee from Traditional Cooking School. I’ve been culturing foods for years. In fact, I'm the author of Sourdough A to Z, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods, and the new book Fermenting.

I grew up around cultured foods from the Middle East, like sourdough bread, cheese, and olives. That’s probably why these are my favorite foods even today.

Through my work online, I’ve been blessed to help thousands of people make (and love) sourdough breads and baked goods at home, simply and easily and deliciously!

I’m honored you’re here so I can help you, too. I'd love to give you a free tried-n-true recipe for fluffy, light, delicious, and healthy sourdough bread. As well as getting step-by-step instructions, in the free PDF you'll discover:

  • God's plan for healthy bread (hint: it's hiding in plain sight in practically all our foods)
  • What makes sourdough better than quick-yeasted bread (your tummy will thank you!)
  • How to make your own sourdough starter (in just 5 minutes, it could be sitting on your kitchen counter starting its magic)
  • How to make your first sourdough recipe... no-knead sourdough bread!

With only 15 minutes hands-on time, you can be making the most amazing and healthy bread your family has ever eaten! Plus, you'll be taking a huge first step toward lessening your dependence on store-bought bread and yeast!

So — right now — why not take that first step toward making easy sourdough breads and baked goods that are actually good for you?

Click the orange button to download the free recipe and I'll show you how!

-Wardee Harmon

Sourdough all the time now

"We're eating sourdough something all the time now, I can't even remember the last time we bought bread or other bread items from the store." —Dorie F.

Finally a viable starter

"I have your book and finally achieved a viable sourdough starter. Along the way, we enjoyed sourdough pancakes and everyone loves the crackers. I can't keep enough on hand." —Bette S.

Husband likes the bread

"My husband is encouraging me and really likes your sourdough bread I've been making. We haven't purchased any sandwich or other bread in 5 weeks." —Debra M.