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"11 Yummy, Real Food Snacks Your Kids Can Make Themselves... In Minutes!"

Before you know it, your kitchen will be filled with kids cooking together to make tasty, real food snacks that bless your whole family with good health and fun flavors... while building cooking skills that last a lifetime!

This set of real food kids snack recipes is a gift from me to you! I'm Wardee, the lead teacher of and the author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fermenting Foods". Your email address is safe with me. :)

Meet Wardee from Traditional Cooking School
wife, mom of 3, and author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fermenting Foods"

Hi! I'm Wardee Harmon. I'm the lead teacher for Traditional Cooking School and I’m the author of the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods.

Have you looked at snack recipes for kids… but gotten frustrated because they’re full of sweet treats and pre-packaged ingredients?

I've had that frustration, too, and that's why I intentionally cultivated easy, real food recipes that our kids could make themselves in minutes. I put these recipes together in a free eBooklet that you can download right now and your kids can start making for themselves today...

...without fuss, mess, time or even much energy! (These recipes are all busy-mom approved!)

Here are the recipes included in the free download "11 Yummy, Real Food Snacks Your Kids Can Make Themselves... In Minutes!":

*Cheesy, Chewy, Crunchy Popovers (So cute! This elegant Brazilian pastry gets an update for your modern healthy kitchen,)
*Best Crackers Ever (They really are!)
*Cocoa Almonds 
*Cinnamon-Honey Oranges
*Stuffed Dates
*Grilled Avocado with Parmesan & Lime
*Roasted Bananas with Cinnamon
*Cheddar Carrot Balls
*Brazilian Sweet Potato Balls
*REAL Fruit Snacks (great to pack in lunches!)
*Stuffed Celery (a fun way to add crunch to healthy protein sources!)

Plus... because it's oh-so-important that your kids learn to recognize real food (to discern it from most of the food that's out there), I include flow charts for beginner, intermediate, and advanced young cooks to help them navigate the murky waters of conventional food and come up smiling with the best choices. 

To take a peek at these delicious snack recipes (so easy your kids can make them by themselves in minutes), click the yellow button below or above to get your free download "11 Yummy, Real Food Snacks Your Kids Can Make Themselves... In Minutes!".

I'll see you inside soon!