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Meet Wardee from Traditional Cooking School
author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fermenting Foods"

Hi, I’m Wardee from Traditional Cooking School at GNOWFGLINS. I’m the author of "The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods" and I grew up around cultured foods from the Middle East, like cheese and yogurt. That’s probably why these are my favorite foods even today!

I remember when I first started making yogurt...

I didn’t want to pasteurize my milk like all the recipes called for. Yet I didn’t want to end up with runny yogurt, as everyone said I would if I didn’t heat my milk up and pasteurize it first.

I tested making yogurt with raw milk anyway (that I didn't heat up). I guess I had to see for myself whether or not it could work.

Yep, runny. :(

And I was sooooo disappointed, even though I should have expected it. My family really wanted thick and creamy yogurt like you can get at the store!

However……it is possible to make thick raw milk yogurt. It takes adding a special ingredient (that is very good for you, by the way).

I've been doing it for years now. Like clockwork, every week. Thick, delicious, creamy yogurt.

My family couldn't live without our homemade yogurt at this point. It  tastes and feels waaayyyyy better than store-bought -- and it's waaayyyy healthier and cheaper, too.

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P.S. On a gut-healing diet like GAPS or following Trim Healthy Mama? This yogurt works great for you, too! You'll get more info when you sign up and download it. :)

"I strictly follow Wardee's recipes and methods, and my cultured foods come out fantastic!"

- Jerri from Homesteader Supply