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Wardee lost more than 30 pounds in 1 year following Trim Healthy Mama with whole, Traditional Foods... eating "on plan" main dishes, snacks, and desserts ... just like the ones included in this free 1-week menu plan!

Meet Wardee from Traditional Cooking School

wife and mom of 3 who lost more than 30 pounds in 1 year following a menu plan just like this...

I’m Wardee from Traditional Cooking School at GNOWFGLINS. I’m the author of "The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods" and I love using Traditional Foods to keep my weight under control.

From May of 2014 to May of 2015, I lost more than 30 pounds. At the time of this writing, I have kept the weight off, and have continued to lose fat and build muscle.

People who know me in real life may have wondered that I had 30 pounds to lose. Well, I did (need to lose it). I’m tall and carried it pretty well — yet it got in my way, made me depressed, and I wanted it gone!

And it’s not like I hadn’t been trying other ways to lose it.

Here’s where I found myself. I was working out regularly and watching my “carbs”. Yet even though I’d been eating healthy for many years, I was still gaining a bit of weight each year. 

It’s super obvious now that I’ve put my before and after photos next to each other (photo at top of page). I don’t have a full body photo from “before” — however, look at the chubbiness in my face and upper body!

And the numbers? Well, I already told you one of them — 30 pounds lost. I was in a tight 14 and now I’m size 10 (sometimes 8). I’ve also continued to build muscle and re-shape my body through weight lifting.

How Did I Do This?

I ate all traditional foods. I even ate more of those darned carbs than I had been eating before. And, I felt utterly satisfied and in love with my food. I felt more energized and purposeful, which tends to happen when you get consistent results. I lost weight steadily and regularly.

That all’s great. What about the things I didn’t do?

I didn’t feel deprived. I didn’t eat any Frankenfoods. And no — I didn’t follow any diet scheme that was hard in the least. I didn’t lose dramatic or scary amounts of weight all at once.

Bottom line: I followed a diet plan called Trim Healthy Mama... while using my beloved Traditional Foods 100%. 

Does This Really Work?

How can this be? Is there really something to this?

I’m not going to say it works for everyone. Yet it did work for me, and that’s the point of this page — to share my story.

(In fact, sharing my story is all I’m allowed to do. Trim Healthy Mama is very clear that users of the plan aren’t authorized to teach the diet to others; so please get the book to get the whole scoop.)

So, yes, this is just my story and my experience.

You’ve heard about the transformation, now let me share exactly how I implemented this with Traditional Foods.

Finally, It's Here..

Because soooo many have asked, I put together a simple-to-implement "Traditional Food + Trim Healthy Mama 1-Week Menu Plan". It's just like what I followed to lose more than 30 pounds in 1 year!

It's simple and it uses all whole foods and Traditional Cooking methods. And... though I hardly need say it since you're staring at photos of the actual foods just above... it's delicious. :-)

In case you're wondering, I purposely kept out more any of the more complicated Traditional Cooking techniques so it would be super doable for you.

What's Included In The "Traditional Food + Trim Healthy Mama 1-Week Menu Plan"?

I compiled all my favorite Traditional Food "on plan" Trim Healthy Mama recipes into a 47-page COMPLETE 7-day menu plan that will give you everything you need to do this for yourself:

  • 7 THM breakfasts
  • 7 THM lunches
  • 7 THM dinners
  • 7 THM desserts
  • 6 THM snacks — I couldn't decide on a 7th so I figured you would enjoy having your favorite 2x! ;)
  • a simple explanation of how Trim Healthy Mama works — though you still need the book to get the whole picture and my brief notes are NOT a substitute for their teaching!
  • all DELICIOUS and HEALTHY and EASY-TO-MAKE recipes
  • each recipe includes PREP steps — so you know what to get started and when... for unhurried and hassle-free meal prep
  • shopping list — yes, down to the detail... everything you need to buy for the entire week!
  • each recipe fits on 1 page — so you can print each one out and easily swap pages around in a menu plan binder in the future
  • many recipes will feed the whole family so you don't have to cook separately!

My goal with this was simple: to show you that doing Trim Healthy Mama with Traditional Foods is more than just possible... it can absolutely be done!

I'm giving you all the simple, whole food recipes that work with Trim Healthy Mama all wrapped up in an easy-to-implement weekly menu plan.

I did all the thinking and planning for you... all that's left is for you to download, print, shop, and then cook!

Oh, and Lord willing... to lose some of that weight... :-)

If you've read this far, then I know you're ready to get started.

Just use the button above or below to grab your free "Traditional Food + Trim Healthy Mama 1-Week Menu Plan" and I'll send it to you right away.

Talk to you soon!

-Wardee Harmon