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"Water Filtration Options"

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"Wow, to be honest, this is a lot cheaper than I was expecting! And the benefits are wonderful." —Lora

"Thanks for the great info!" —Lavina

"This was excellent information. Thank you for the webinar." —Tamara

Hi! I'm glad you made it to this free webclass replay I hosted with special guest Tom DiGuiseppe, PhD in Chemical Physics, and water expert/guide at Radiant Life. Tom has been working in the water field for 30 years now.

He will work with you one on one to come up with a water filtration system that's right for you, no matter your family size, whether you're on well or municipal water, or whether you rent or own. He has options for the smallest to largest of budgets, too!

Here are the links we shared during the webclass (and feel free to click here and then poke around to find more info):

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They have shower filters and other options, too, so look around here and be sure to contact Tom at Radiant Life with any questions ([email protected]). He will be happy to help you customize a system perfectly for YOUR needs.

Founder and Lead Teacher

P.S. I promised you a gift! It's a video of our entire installation of our water systems (the ones I mentioned in the webclass). That will be on the way soon so watch your email so you don't miss it! :-)

We LOVE our water systems, and we even had testing done of our water before and after so we know they really work to remove the chlorine, fluoride, nitrates, and more! The water tastes great, feels great when bathing, and we feel confident in using it for cooking and everything!

Use code WARDEE to get $25 OFF small systems or $100 OFF large systems!